“SO… You mean the ugly looking girl in my house is your cursed cousin sister? If she is cursed? Then what the hell is she doing in my house?”. Mrs Pearson couldn’t help but boil with anger after Sarah told her about Sonia
“With the look of things, I think Ariel likes her. He even took her to see the producer the other day. Its better you act fast before… Before he introduces her to you as his girlfriend”.
“That is Not possible Sarah. I cant sit and watch my only child be tight down by that ugly looking monster. I like you already and I’ll be very happy if you two end up together”.

Sarah couldn’t help but smile to that. She has finally succeeded in getting a strong hold of MrS Pearson’s heart. She can’t wait to have Ariel to herself.
Diana kept pacing up and down in her bedroom with her phone placed to her ear. She suddenly groaned and smashed the phone to the wall. She whine and buried her head in her pillow
“Why the hell is he not picking my calls? What the hell is happening?” She picked up the pieces of the phone and stormed out of the room.
Sonia soft fingers played the piano while Ariel stood watching her play
When she was done, he jammed his hands together for her
“Wow! Bravo! It seems I am a good teacher after all”. He chuckled quickly
“You are a good teacher in deed”.
“And hope you know my reward for that”. He said and winked at her making her blush
“I don’t think I know your reward for taking me piano lesson”. She muttered
Ariel pulled her up from where she was sitting and pulled her close to himself
“Don’t act dumb with me”. He jibed and planted his lips with hers.
Sonia wasn’t taken by surprise so she reciprocated. All of a sudden, the door opened with full force
Mrs Pearson stood by the door watching in awe
“Ariel?”. He called
“Mom, I.. I can.. explain”. He stuttered
“Explain what?”. She said with a scoff
“So, you’ve been sleeping with this thing? And you there, I thought you said you are a cook, or does your duty include satisfying my Son’s sexual urge?”.
Sonia ran out of the room leaving the duo
“Mom, whatever you saw isn’t her fault. I.. I am the one at fault here. Look mom, Sonia is a good girl and I’ve gotten to like her. I’ve fallen for her mom”.
“Can you hear yourself? You’ve fallen for who?what has come over you Ariel? You jilted Diana and now you are going after that disgusting looking thing? If you must know, I won’t stay alive and watch you commit another mistake. Hope you haven’t forgotten your past with someone like her?”. Mrs Pearson said trying to put some senses into his head
“Mom, Sonia is not like Ruby. Ruby chose to leave because of her…”
“Oh shut up! How do you know she is not like Ruby? You once loved Ruby and she broke your heart. Now you want that ugly girl to destroy your heart completely? I won’t stand and watch you give her the chance to do that”.
She blurted and walked out of the room

Sonia buried her face in her pillow, she has been crying since the encounter she had with the Pearsons. The door suddenly opened, without looking, she already know who it is
“Please just go away.”
Ariel sat on the edge of the bed and rested his head on her back
“You know I love you right? You know my mom’s word has no effect on me right?”. He pecked her hair and stroke the hair
“You know, after Ruby left, I’ve never felt this way towards anyone else. And I hope you feel the same way about me”.
Sonia sat up and he wiped her tears away with his thumb
“_I love you too Ariel. But you know if your mom……”.
“Shhhh… Let’s forget about my mom”. He said placing his finger on her lips.
“So, you look messed up, how about I help you with your shower?”. He said with a wink . Sonia blushed to that. She nodded her head shyly
“Nope! I want to hear it from your mouth. At least, try to be romantic a little. Now tell me, should I help you with your bath?”. He asked and tickled her
“Hay stop that. Of course you can help me out with my bath.” She said shyly
“Thats my babe. Now let me help you out with your clothes”.


“Mom please! If you keep on pressing on this issue, then I’ll have to leave this house for you. You know I’ve got mansions right? I can just go live in one of them?”. He jibed and grab a glass of wine and gulped down the whole content
“What I am saying is for your own good Ariel. How are you gonna present that girl out to the press?”. She yelled
“You know what, if you are concern about her face then you’ve got nothing to worry about. I already have plans Of flying her out of the country for Surgery”.
“Ariel…”. She cooed
“I’m off okay. I need to go see Greg”. With that, he walked away.

Few weeks later
“So… how long are you gonna stay there?”. Sonia asked with worries written all over her face
“Well… Let’s just say, two weeks time. If I don’t attend to this, I might lose alot big time. My PA is not doing what’s best for my company so ive got to be there myself. I will be back before you know it?”. He assured her
“So, you are leaving first thing tomorrow morning? Can’t you just leave the day after tomorrow?”. She requested
“Come one bae, stop acting like as if I am going to stay in Paris for ever. I’ll be back before you know it. And you’ll spend the night here in my room with me”.
“Sure! But please, take very good care of yourself when you get there. And don’t you dare look at those white ladies over there”. She poured
“You look cute when you are jealous”. he cooed and kissed her hair
“My jealous bae. Gosh! I am so famished. Can you please get me something to eat?”.
Sonia walked out of the room

Fast forward
Sonia stood in the kitchen singing and preparing lunch, its been two days since Ariel left. She couldn’t wait for him to be back. She missed him and wishes to see him.
All of a sudden, a maid ran in panting heavily
“This one you are panting like this, it seems you’ve seen a ghost”. Sonia joked but the maid didn’t find it funny
“Sonia, it seems you’ve not heard”. The maid said and sighed
“I overheard madam on the phone talking to someone”.
“What? Don’t you know its bad to eavesdrop on other people’s conversation?”. Sonia said gesturing with her hand
“Well…. I just came to tell you that your lover boy is in a critical condition right now as we speak. He was involve in a motor accident. As we speak, he is in one big hospital in paris”.
Sonia found it unbelievable
“What’s the source of this your information?”. She asked. Her eyes were already getting wet
“Didn’t I just tell you that I overheard madam talking to someone on phone? Well… Madam will be leaving for Paris today.”
The maid said with a shrug and walked out of the kitchen. Sonia slumped on the floor and weep .

A month later
Mrs Pearson walked in the living room with her hands wrapped around Ariel’s waist. Ariel kept looking around. Mrs Pearson helped him sat on the couch.
“Welcome back home son. I know you’ve missed this place. Get yourself comfortable while I prepare you your favorite myself”.
Ariel smiled at her while she walked to her bedroom to freshen up. Afterwards, she went to the kitchen to prepare his favorite (Irish potato fritata)
Sonia was lost in thought when she walked in
“Good afternoon ma”. Sonia greeted her
“You’ll be leaving this house sooner than I thought. Mr Sam will prepare your sack letter. You should know that your days in this house is numbered. Now get out of this kitchen, I want to prepare something for my son”.
Sonia walked out of the kitchen. She went to the living room and smiled as she saw Ariel in the living room watching a TV program. She ran to him and hugged him tightly
“I was scared Ariel. Thanks to God you are okay”. Ariel was wearing a shock expression. He pushed her off his body and stood up from the couch
“Who… Who the hell are you? And why the hell were you hugging me?”.
He asked looking lost
“A.. Ariel, you don’t remember me? Its me Sonia”. She said not understanding the whole thing either
“I don’t think I remember you. Excuse me”. He said with a shrug and walked to his bedroom. Sonia was shocked beyond words. She couldn’t comprehend what was happening at that moment.

The next day
Greg was having a serious discussion with Ariel.
“You later told me of how much you love her and all that. I must admit that I didn’t like her in the beginning, but…… But I later liked her”.
“What the hell are you saying Greg, how can I possibly fall in love with someone like that? You know I stick around with girls in my class”. Ariel blurted
“You shouldn’t conclude yet Ariel. The doctor already said you lost 2 years of your memory. Why not recover first before you take a decision you’ll regret later. Besides, the girl in question is pregnant with your child”.

“You don’t mean it, so I slept with her? What kind of jazz did she use on me? How can I even….”.
“Ariel, don’t take a drastic decision. Just give your self time to recover. I’ll better take my leave now, I have a meeting with the producer. Just take care and don’t act stupid”. He sighed and walked out of the room.

Later in the day
Mrs Pearson introduced Sarah to Ariel as his girlfriend
“My girlfriend? How come? I thought Sonia was my girlfriend?”. He asked astonished
“Huh! Yeah, Sarah here is your girlfriend. You were actually cheating on her with Sonia. After you ended things with Diana, you sticked your ass every where with Sarah. But you suddenly started cheating on her with that monster looking girl. Now she is pregnant with your child. I had to beg Sarah on your behalf. She promised to come back to you if you promise never to hurt her again”. Mrs Pearson said acting like a drama queen.
Sarah was quiet while Ariel didn’t know what to believe.
“Well… I know my mom, she has never lied to me before. I am sorry Sarah if I ever hurt your feelings and I want you to know that I am sorry if I can’t remember the times we spent together. I hope to get my memories back soon so I can make it up to you for all the times I hurt you.”. He pulled her into a warm embrace. Sarah couldn’t believe that her dreams were finally coming true. She has always prayed for this day and here it is.



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Kogi state Governor Alhaji Yahaya  Bello aka White Lion said in his speech earlier today that he is going to lead the youths on END SARS protest .

In his speech he said “Dear mr president, give us power. Give us electricity . when we have Electricity , our Youths , our women will mind their business. We’ll care less about what happens in Government. There will be less of criminality. There will be less of Kidnapping and all other forms of Violence.”

He further said “Mr President said 16 billions dollars was spent on power

Now where is the Power?”.


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Mark took his wife out to catch fun. He wanted to make this anniversary special for her. She is his life and he is not ready to lose her. They both went on sight seeing. After the stressful but fun filled day, they arrived home. Sonia was not back from school yet. “Ella, prepare mr Dante’s favourite okay!”. Oyiza said to her cook. ” okay ma’am”. The cook said and went to the kitchen. Mark was just devouring her body with his eyes. She glanced at him and rolled her eyes “what is it this time mr Dante?”. ” you should have asked me what I wanted for dinner. You know Ella can’t prepare what I want right?”. He said and licked his bottom lip in a seductive way. “Don’t even go there mr Dante. You have to eat the one prepared by Ella”. She said trying to escape from him but he got griped of her hand and pulled her closer to him. ” you know I can really go to Ella. Besides, she is still young and very beautiful. Unlike my old wife”. He said and lose grip of her hand. He was trying to walk to the kitchen but she grabbed him “you dare not go to her”. Oyiza said feigning annoyance. ” okay ma’am, shall we?” Mark asked with a smirk. “You have to carry me in a bridal style o.

I can’t walk to the room like this”. Oyiza pouted. ” okay ma’am “. He said and was about to carry her in a bridal style when Sonia suddenly walked in. She was not surprise seeing her dad carrying her mom since she often see them in that position. Oyiza jumped down from Mark’s arm and embraced her daughter. ” how was school today sweety?”. “It was fine”. I’ll go freshen up now. Good evening mr Dante”. She greeted and walked to her room. ” mr Dante? When did she start calling me that? What happened to dad?”. He asked with a scoff. “Where did we stop?”. Oyiza asked playing with her nails. ” just walk with your legs. You’ve got so much weight “. He said pretending to have an arching back.



Few days later

Mark was wearing an apron, he was actually preparing to bake cake. ” get me the sieved flour quickly ” he said to Sonia. Sonia took the sieve flour and gave it to him “dad, why do you love mom so much?”. Sonia asked her dad. Mark stopped what he was doing and smiled remembering how he met Oyiza. She changed his life completely. ” I don’t know! But I know I can kill to be with your mom. That’s how much I love her. She changed my life and gave you to me.” “Okay! How old were you when you started falling in love?”. Where is this kid heading to? He asked himself . he arched his brows and said ” I started falling for your mom when I was 28 years old.” “Not with mom, I am sure you have fell for someone before you met mom right?” She asked again. “You see what princess, why not go straight to the point. What are you driving at?” He asked her and pierced his eyes with hers. She was trying by all means to avoid eye contact with him “Uhm….. Dad…. Can I keep….. Can I keep a boyfriend?” Mark felt a bang on his head.

What did she just say?

A boyfriend?

“Why do you want to keep a boyfriend?” “Uhm…. There is this boy in my class, he is very intelligent. He said he loves me. And I think I love him too. I am in love with him dad”. Sonia said biting her lips nervously. Mark sighed and said ” what you feel for him is just infatuation. You are too young to be in a relationship. Beside, if he courts you again, tell him you already have a boyfriend”. “I have a boyfriend already?” Sonia asked with an arched brow. “Exactly! I am your one and only boyfriend. You get that?”. Mark said and resumed the baking. ” and I think its high time you stop watching Zee world. Oh God! What do you even know about love. You won’t kill me okay?”. He said still doing whatever he was doing. Sonia felt disappointed. She knew she can’t go against her dad’s wish. She kept her lips in a funny manner

Later in the day, the Dante’s were having dinner silently. “Babe, do you want to say something?”. Oyiza asked and drank from her juice. ” No mom. I’ve got nothing to say”. Sonia said and kept her face down. “Well… Let me help her out, your daughter wants to keep a boyfriend but I said no to her. She can’t cheat on me”. Mark said and rubbed Sonia’s long hair. Oyiza smiled as she watched him do that. All of a sudden, the door bell rang. Ella went to get the door. She walked back to the dinning room with a man (Matthew) trailing behind her.
Mark was kinda surprise to see his twin brother since he hardly pay him a visit though they stay in the same town. He told Matthew to join him in the table but Matthew requested to wait for him in the living room.

Few minutes later

The Dante’s were done eating, Oyiza and her daughter went to the bedroom so as to give the brothers privacy. Mark sat down on his favourite couch. He knew his brother will never visit him without a concrete reason. ” Mark, you know we are twins right?”. Mark smiled at the silly question his brother asked. They are Identical twins so why ask such question. Even a blind person will know that. “Bro, even a blind person will know that we are twins. What’s up with this question?”. Mark asked with a raised eyebrow. Matt cleared his throat and sat down properly on the couch. ” our parents died when we were just 15 leaving us in the hands of our cruel uncle that made life miserable for us. You know how we suffered to survive. How i….. How I did everything to see that you go to school. I made sure you finished university. Isn’t that what a good brother should do?” Mark sighed and said “I know you’ve tried a lot for me. I know the sacrifices you made. And I really appreciate that. But tell me exactly what you are driving at”. Matt stared at him for a while ” when you started working, you took care of me. You are the one paying my children’s school fees. You make sure I don’t lack anything. You are very rich Mark, yet you have just one daughter. You don’t have a son Mark. You know Oyiza can no longer conceive. Why not get married to another woman Mark”. Mark rose up from his seat “what are you saying Matt, you know I can never do that to Oyiza, I love her”. ” who is going to take over everything you have when you are no more Mark?”. “All the wealth I’m enjoying now all belong to Oyiza. I was a graduate but I never got a job. You knew how I met her, how she introduced me to her dad. How her dad willed all his wealth to Oyiza and I before he passed away. When I am no more, Sonia will take over everything okay. She is capable. She might be my only child but I am already training her to be a tigress. So, you have absolutely nothing to worry about bro”. Mark said with a smile. Matt at the other hand was disappointed at his brother’s outburst. He has never been satisfied with what Mark has been doing for him. He felt he deserved more. He’s got 3 kids. A boy(Judson) and two beautiful girls(karah and Sarah). His children were older than Sonia.

Yet Sonia gets to enjoy all the wonderful things of this life. He felt cheated. He knew he had to do something ASAP. He is the elder twin. And he deserve what Mark is enjoying right now. Even when Oyiza came into the picture, he was in love with her. Though he was married but he wanted Oyiza for himself. Who wouldn’t fall for such a rich man’s daughter. He mumbled some words that Mark don’t understand and then announced his leave. Mark walked him out of the house before joining his beloved wife in the bedroom. Unknown to him, Oyiza eavesdropped on their conversation so she was wearing a straight face when he walked in.
“What’s up with the face?”. He asked and started helping himself out of the clothes he was wearing. He really needed his night bath.

” I overheard your discussion with your brother”. She said and stood up from the bed. Her face was soften now. She began to help him undress “why can’t he just leave us alone . its not my fault that I can no longer conceive”. She added. Mark was now standing almost naked in front of her. He was on his boxers only. He cupped her cheeks in his palms and kissed her temple.
” Ayam! My heartbeat! Nkem!” He laughed at the Igbo word he said. “Well… You know now, you know Matt can never come between us. There is no need to get yourself worked up. I love you and that’s what matters.” He planted a peck on her lips.
“Now mrs Dante, if you don’t mind, can you join me in the shower???”.
He asked and Oyiza couldn’t help but blush. She loves him more when he calls her mrs Dante.

” sure mr Dante”.
The next day
Oyiza walked to the kitchen and met Ella getting set to prepare breakfast
“Good morning ma”. The young beautiful dark girl greeted .
” morning dear, how was your night?”. She asked with smiles
“It was tranquil ma”. Ella replied and pick up an apron but Oyiza collected the apron from her
” don’t worry dear, I’ll prepare breakfast for everyone”. Ella smiled and walked out of the kitchen.
Oyiza got to work immediately Ella left the kitchen. Mark soon found his way to the kitchen. He offered to assist her with the cooking. He kept on blabbing and blabbing of being a good cook than Oyiza while Oyiza will always argue with him. They kept on arguing instead of cooking.

Sonia walked to the kitchen, one could tell that she is just waking up. She stood at the kitchen entrance and watch her parents laughing and hitting each other playfully instead of preparing break fast. She rolled her eyes at their romance. “Don’t they ever get tired of each other?” She asked herself. Her only wish was to get married to someone that will love her the way her dad loves her mom. Though they kinda annoy her at times because they act like she don’t exist at times when they are engrossed with each other but she is happy they are happy. She has never seen them fight or quarrel before. She suddenly cracked her throat. And just as expected, they turned their attention to her.
“Guys, I am starving. Are you guys cooking or playing love??? I wonder what you two are doing in the kitchen when you should have just allowed Ella do her job”. She said and hissed. Mr and mrs Dante glance at each other then at their daughter.

” maybe you should go get dressed for school. By the time you are done, breakfast will be ready”. Mark said with a smile. Sonia scoffed and said”oh my! So you want me to go to school so you and your wife can continue your love and romance right? Well… Sorry to disappoint you mr Dante, but today is Saturday “.
Mark hit his head and beckoned on her to come closer which she did
” sorry sweetie. I am sorry”. He apologized and embraced her. “Go shower and wait for us.” He added but Sonia insisted on staying with them “beside, I want to learn how to cook.
” princess, the kitchen is dangerous for you now. When you get to 14 years of age, I’ll enroll you in cooking classes I promise”. Oyiza said and told Mark to walk Sonia out of the kitchen.
The father and daughter walked out of the kitchen.

Everything was just the perfect definition of perfect. Everyone was happy. Not until one faithful day, a day Sonia can never in her entire life forget in a hurry.
That morning, Sonia kept on tossing and tossing on her bed. She was having a nightmare, sweat could been seen on her temple.Mark suddenly walked into the room, he was shocked seeing her tossing and mumbling some words he couldn’t understand. He tap her lightly on her toes but she was still tossing. He then sat on the bed and pull her up to himself. Sonia jerked awake and buried her face on her father’s chest. Mark pat her back and tried to calm her down “its okay princess. Dad is here now”. He pulled her and was surprise to see her in tears. What ever nighare she had must have been very dangerous. ” dad, I.. I.. I had a nightmare. You and mom…. Please dad, don’t go out today. Just stay with me”. She blurted.
“Princess, what you had was just a nightmare. There is nothing to worry about”. Mark said with a reassuring smile.

Sonia shakes her head and said ” you and mom died. I don’t want that to happen..”.
“Stop being paranoid and get dressed for school. I wouldn’t want that your teacher to spank you again”. He pecked her and walked out of the room. Sonia sluggishly walked to the bathroom .
The Dantes were having breakfast but Sonia was lost in thought. Oyiza noticed her disturbing mood and hold her hands ” you have to stop thinking about that wired nightmare dear. It won’t come true so please, you got to be yourself.”.
Sonia smiled weakly and nodded her head. She picked up her bag and pecked her parents before leaving for school.


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Ariel went to the kitchen smelling nice and looking handsome as usual. He saw Sonia fixing dinner as usual.
“It seems she enjoys cooking” he said to himself. He Can’t believe such a young girl enjoy cooking when there are thousands of girls out there that can’t cook. He don’t blame them sha because he can’t cook either. He can’t even chop an onion.
He cleared his throat just to get her attention. As expected, Sonia noticed his presence and greeted him politely
“Good evening Ariel”. She greeted gazing at the floor
“Evening Sonia. How are you doing?”. He asked
“I am doing great sir”. She replied and turned to stir the soup on the fire. Ariel watched her as she stirred the soup. When she was done, she was all sweety. She wanted to wipe her sweat with the back of her hand but Ariel beat her to it. He was already cleaning the sweat with his white handkerchief. Sonia couldn’t help but stared at him as he wipe away the sweat.

She finds it unbelievable that a Whole Xander was being all kind to her. When he was done, he returned the handkerchief back to his pocket.
“I spoke with my producer and he wants to see you tomorrow.”
He said sounding nervous.
He wonder why he is nervous
“Thank you so much sir. I appreciate your kindness sir”.
“Tomorrow then. Goodnight”. He said and walked out of the kitchen. He went to his bedroom and kept on smiling to himself. First time in 6 years he is feeling that way towards another woman.


Few minutes later

His mom barged into the room. She saw him facing the ceiling lost in thought.
She cleared her throat and Ariel noticed her presence. “Mom, you preached about Knocking before entering someone else’s room this morning remember?”. He said now standing on his feet
“Sorry son, it seems I am not a good example after all.
Through out today, I was curious. You said you wanted to talk to me about something. I can’t wait to hear it son. Tell me, is it about your new girlfriend?”. She asked smiling and sat on the edge of the bed.
“Mom, I don’t have a girlfriend yet okay! Its just….. I wanted you to talk to the producer since he listens to you. But there is no need for that anymore. I already did and he agreed”.
“Talk to your producer about what?”. She asked full of curiosity
“I want to help someone in music mom”.
“Who? Your girlfriend?”. She asked and winked at him. Ariel almost blushed to that
“Moooooom! I said it before right, there is no girlfriend. I just want to help someone out”
“Okay fine! I surrender. Dinner is ready and you have a guest”. She said with her hands clapped together
Ariel wondered who the guest is
“Who???”. He couldn’t help but ask
“You’ll know when you get your lazy ass out of this bed and come down stair with me.”
She succeeded in dragging him out of the room.
On getting to the living room, he saw…..

Sarah stood up from the couch and gave him a side hug
“I decided to come check on you Xander. How are you doing?”.
She asked him with her hand wrapped around his waist. Mrs Pearson kept on beaming with smiles. “The food is getting cold. We better proceed to the dining room”. She said and they all walked to the dining room.
Everyone settled down to have dinner which is White rice and Stew.
“Ariel, Sarah here told me a lot of things about you two. I am glad you finally have another female friend. Since you hardly keep one. Hopefully, your friendship might turn to….”. Mrs Pearson couldn’t complete her sentence because she was cut short by the sound of her phone ringing tone. She excused herself and walked out of the dining room to receive the call. Sarah kept throwing glances at Ariel but Ariel was doing everything possible to avoid eye contact with her. “You know I’ll appreciate it if you stop staring at me that way”. He said with his eyes focused on his meal.
“I am sorry Xander, I just… I just want to be a friend”. She said feeling embarrassed by his outburst
“You know I don’t hate you. I am not a lively person Sarah. You will get bored around me. I am not fun to be with. I am a boring type . I don’t think you’ll be able to cope Sarah”. He said now looking at her

“I don’t care if you are boring or not. I just want to be your friend. If we are going to work together, we got to be friends. I need you in my music life Xander”. She Said . just as he wanted to say something else, his mom walked in
“Sorry for that. So where were we……..”



Ariel hold Sonia’s hand tight as they walked into the music industry. Everyone kept throwing glances at them. Well…. That’s the first time they are seeing him with an ugly girl. He suddenly bumped into Greg.
“Ariel?”. Greg called. He stared at the person with him and freaked out
“Is this not the ugly singing monster? What the hell are you doing with her?”. He asked . Sonia felt bad but Greg is not the type that know if his word hurts or not.

“She is here for an audition Greg. And I’ll appreciate it if you stop using curse word on her. The producer asked me to bring her, that’s why we are here”. Ariel said getting irritated by Greg’s outburst
“She won’t get through Ariel. Just take a good look at her face. Maybe he hasn’t seen her face that’s why he asked you to bring her over. Even if she sings, she won’t get through. I mean…. She is too ugly to become a singer”.

“Enough of your ranting Greg. You have no right whatsoever to talk about her like that.” Ariel said getting pissed off. He walked away still holding Sonia’s hand.

They got to the producer’s office and saw him busy with some files
“Good morning sir”. Ariel greeted
“Morning Ariel. You came with…… Who is she?”
He asked taken aback by how Sonia looked
“She is the one I talked to you about . she is Sonia”. He said smiling. Sonia was looking very nervous. Greg’s word kept on ringing in her head
The producer at the other hand felt disappointed. He was expecting someone different
“Can I have a word with you privately Ariel? You should tell her to wait outside while we talk”.
Ariel already know what he wanted to say. So he asked Sonia to wait outside the office. Sonia left the office leaving the duo alone.
“Ariel, what has come over you? Why do you want to tarnish the image of this industry? That’s girl is….”
“Why are you sounding this way mr Donald? Is it because of the scars on her face?”. Ariel asked
“That’s not a scar Ariel. For crying out loud, that girl has a burnt face. She is too ugly. I don’t think I can help you with that. I am sorry”. The producer said calmly

Sonia kept pacing up and down. She wonder what they were talking about . what the hell was she thinking? Who was she trying to deceive ? There is no way she can be a singer with this her ugly face?
Oh God!
She suddenly saw someone that draw her attention. It was Sarah
Yes! She can recognize Sarah even in the dark
She wanted to hide herself but unlucky of her, Sarah saw her already and started walking close to her.
“You…. You ran away from home. And now you are here? What are you doing here?”
She barked at Sonia

“I am here for an audition”. Sonia replied. She was scared Sarah might jeopardize the whole thing. Sarah couldn’t help but laughed at that
“Did I hear you say Audition? What the hell do you know about music? And with this your ugly face, you think you’ll get through? Not with this ugly face of yours”. She chuckled and walked away. Sonia wiped her tears with the back of her hand. Now she is more nervous
Suddenly, the door to the producer’s office opened and Ariel walked out of it.
“Sonia, at first he… He didn’t want to give you a chance but after pleading with him, he finally agreed. Now its your turn to show him what you’ve got. Come with me”. He spoke calmly

“I don’t think I can do this. I don’t want to be a singer anymore”. She cooed
“Come on what are you saying? You can’t back out of this just like that..”
“I don’t want to do it. I’m going home”. She walked out Leaving Ariel stunned. He knew why she changed her mind, she felt discouraged.


Few days later

Sonia was going through her song book, she came across a particular song she wrote when she was 18. She actually wrote that song on her birthday hoping to sing it to the world one day. But her dreams wasn’t gonna come through, not after all that has happen.
She suddenly heard a soft Knock on the door, before she could reply come in, the person already walked in
“Hi!”. He said and smiled . she couldn’t help but stare at his outfit. He look nice no matter what he is putting on
“Hello!”. Ariel sat on the edge of her bed “what are you doing?”. He asked her trying to read what Was written in the book she was holding
“Nothing serious. Just going through my songs”.
“This song, I’ve not heard you singing it before. I don’t think I know it. Can you sing it to my hearing?”. He requested
“You’ve not heard it simply because I plan on singing it to the world one day. I wrote it when I clocked 18. So, sorry Ariel”. She said with a shrug . she couldn’t help but steal glances at him without his notice
“Come on Sonia, you know I am your number one fan. Sing for me na! Please….remember I promised to make your dreams come through. You’ve got to impress me if you want my help”. He said and touched her hair. Sonia slapped his hand away
“What has my hair got to do with my voice?”. She asked wearing a smirk
“Everything sweetheart. Come on sing already. I am becoming impatient”. He blurted
Sonia cleared her throat “I wrote this song because I was actually crushing on a Korean celebrity then. So now, listen attentively

🎵🎼 When I close my eyes🎹
All I see is you🎻
You are just like a firefly🎼
🎶 Oh my baby🎶
🎵 My one handsome love🎼
🎤Don’t you think, its time🎤
🎙To take our love to the next step🎵
🎶 Because its getting harder for me🎶
🎵 Not to see you…🎵
🎶I want us to be together always🎶
🎵Without a third party 🎵”.

She sang with all emotion leaving Ariel shocked.
“So… You wrote this song when you were 18?”. He found himself asking
“Yeah! Its gonna be my first album”. She replied wearing a smile.
“How about you dedicate that song to me when you finally release it?”.
“As what?” She asked
“How about I say as your soon to be boyfriend…”

Ariel draw closer to her and planted his lips with hers. Sonia couldn’t reciprocate due to the shock.
Was he actually kissing her?
Oh my!
Its unbelievable right?
A celebrity kissing a low life ugly girl


The next day

Sonia stood in the kitchen lost in thought, she couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss she had with Ariel the previous day. It felt like a dream to her. She couldn’t help but blush at the whole thing. She touch her lips constantly and cover her face with her palm at every interval. She don’t think she can face him with all that happened between them.
All of a sudden, a woman walked in. Sonia could recognize her anywhere. Its mrs Pearson. Who wouldn’t know her when she is so famous and rich.” Good morning ma”. She greeted with her head bowed. The woman couldn’t believe her eyes.
“Who are you? And what are you doing In my kitchen?”. She asked wondering why such an ugly girl is in her golden kitchen
“I am Sonia ma’am. I’ve been your cook for weeks now”. Sonia replied avoiding eye contact with her
“Oh my! I can’t believe my son hired you. You are too ugly to be found around my vicinity. Well… Whatever! Just Make sure I don’t get to set my eyes on you again. I want you to prepare Groundnut milk for my son. I would have prepared it for him myself but I Have an appointment to catch up with. So prepare it and take it to his room. He likes it thick”. She muttered and walked out of the kitchen.

Few minutes later

Ariel lie on his huge king sized bed playing a video game with his cell phone. He was actually trying to kill boredom. He suddenly heard a soft knock on his door
“Come in”. He answered. Sonia walked in holding a glass of groundnut milk
She greeted Ariel but instead of answering her greetings, he stood up from the bed and collected the milk from her. He kept it on his study table and then pulled Sonia into a warmth hug. “You’ve been avoiding me Sonia”.
“I’ve been busy. I better take my leave now”. She tried walking away but he pulled her to himself and locked his lips with hers. He carried her and lied her on his bed. He climbed on top of her afterwards. He resumed the kissing but Sonia wasn’t feeling comfortable. “Ariel… What the hell are you trying to do?”. She questioned. Ariel had no answer to her question so she pushed him off her body.
“Honestly speaking Sonia, I don’t know what has come over me but ….. But I want you to know that I’ve never felt this way towards any woman after what happened between my ex and I . I love you Sonia. Right from the very first day I heard your voice, I don’t think I can do without you”.
“I.. I am sorry for pushing you away. Look Ariel, I… I know you are a good man. You deserve what’s best. I am not good enough for you. I am no longer a virgin, I once had an abortion. I’ve got scars on my face.I …..”.
“It was never your fault that you were maltreated by those you called your family. I’ll take you out for surgery. We’ll be happy together”.







Episode 5
Sonia turned the door knob and walked in the living room. The twins stopped talking staring at her
“And where the hell have you been dumb ass?”. Sarah fired  her a question
“I… I went for check up. I complained earlier to uncle that I wasn’t feeling too well so he asked me to go for check up”. She clapped for herself in her head for being able to cook up such a beautiful lie.

“Whatever! Go in there and prepare dinner. Sarah and I will be going out and please, dinner must be ready before we get back”.
Sonia smiled in her mind. Sarah and kara walked out of the house leaving her alone. Sonia ran to her bedroom and picked few of her belongings. Though, she don’t have much but she packed the little she had. She put them in a small bag and tried leaving the house but the gate man stopped her
“Where do you think you are going to??”. He questioned.
Sonia rolled her eyes “uncle asked me to deliver something in this bag to someone. Please, excuse me”.
Shay you go come back on time bah, because as I dey so, I dey hungry. I can’t wait to taste a meal prepared by your magic hand”. He said now smiling.
“You too like food. Oya, commot make I go come back on time”. The gate man opened the gate for her and she sighed deeply. She boarded a taxi that took her to the mansion.

On getting there, she went to the room that was given to her. It’s been ages she lie on a bed and seeing the huge bed in her room now, she couldn’t help but smile.
She quickly changed into the uniform that was earlier given to her. She walked to the kitchen and set to work.



Stanley sat on the floor drunk. Empty bottles of alcohol was scattered all over the place. Anita’s picture was on the table. His heart was broken to pieces. He still find it hard to believe what he saw. Their wedding is just two weeks to come but now everything is shattered. His supposed best friend and best man betrayed him with his fiancée.
Anita has been calling him but he has not been picking up. He wonder what she want.


Ariel and his mom walked to the dinning room. Ariel pulled a chair for his mom and she sat down wondering why Ariel is in a good mom.
“You seems happy son. Tell me the secret, I’ve you finally found her?”
“Found who mom?”. Ariel asked raising a quizzical brow
“Well… Who knows, the lucky girl perhaps. I can’t wait to meet her Ariel. You know, I never really liked that Diana of a girl. That’s why I am not complaining If you can’t be with her. So tell me son, who is the lucky girl in your life?? Who is she?? I know that smile..”. She tease him making his cheek to flush red
“Wow, you are blushing.. tell me son. Don’t keep me in the dark”.
“Mom, there is no girl okay! I am just in my best mood today”. He said smiling. He got no idea why he is happy. Maybe he is happy because Sonia is now working for him. Hmm.he can’t wait to hear her sing again.
All of a sudden, two maids walked in with trays of food and began serving them. When they were done serving. They left
Mrs Pearson couldn’t help but wonder who prepared the meal. It was damn delicious
“Is there a new cook in the house?”. She asked
“Yup! Madam Dora resigned”.
“She is far better than madam Dora”.
“Ya mom, I am good at choosing good things and also good people”. Ariel said and chuckled. His mom still couldn’t believe that Ariel is such in a happy mood. It’s been ages she last saw him in this kind of mood.

Dante’s mansion
Sara and Kara walked in looking all worked up. Sara slumped on the couch
“Oh my! My worms are hungry. I hope this girl is done cooking”.
“I’ll go check her in the kitchen”. Kara said and tried walking to the kitchen but their parents voice stopped her
“Mom, dad, you are home already?”.
Sara asked
Matt and his wife looked at each other and then focus their attention on Sara
“Sonia left the house. She lied to the gate man that I sent her on an errand”. Matt said with horror written all over his face

“,Wait… Sonia left the house? Does this mean she eloped with a guy? Is she possess or something?”. Sarah asked but Kara rolled her eyes
“You and I know that she can never elope with a guy. Maybe she decided to leave a lone”. Kara stated
“If I lay my hands on that good for nothing brat. I’m gonna crush her”. Mrs Dante threatened.
Sonia kept everything in the kitchen in order. It’s past 10 already and she is done with everything she is doing. If it’s in her father’s house, her case will be different. She only sleep past 12 that’s after doing almost everything in the house. She can’t remember when last she will be going to bed early. She removed the apron she was wearing and hung it on a hanger. She turned and almost freaked out when she saw Ariel standing behind her.
She hold her chest trying to catch her breath

“You scared me”.
“I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. Pardon my manners”. He apologized politely.
“How is the job, hope it isn’t that hectic?”.
“No sir, I am enjoying my stay here”. She replied smiling.
“It’s Ariel. Just call me Ariel”. He said and buried his hand in his trouser pockets.

Sonia couldn’t help but stared at what he was putting on. He is dressed like someone going for a walk.
“I was hoping you sing for me”.
“Excuse me….” Sonia said taken aback
“I love your voice Sonia and I’ll like you to sing for me. Your voice is magical. See… You got to follow me to my bedroom now”. He stated and started walking away. But be stopped when he realised she wasn’t following him
“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna rape you. You are just going to sing and leave”. He smiled and continue walking. Sonia hesitated for a while before following him.
They got to his room and Sonia couldn’t help but admire everything in the room. She saw a piano at the far corner of the room. Ariel walked close to the piano and took a seat. He touched some keys wearing the cutest smile Sonia has never seen in ages. She has never touched a piano before so she don’t know how to play it. In fact, she is not good at any instrument.

“Are you just gonna stand there and stare or you come take a seat?”. His voice brought her back to her senses. She quickly went closer to him and took a seat beside his. She wasn’t comfortable sitting so close to him but she can’t help but feel so special getting to sit with a famous rock star. Xander of all people.
It’s unbelievable
“So, do you write songs??”. He asked now facing her. Sonia couldn’t even look him in the eyes. She felt shy and…..
“You don’t need to be shy around me Sonia. It’s not like I am a God. And if you are nervous, you shouldn’t be because I don’t bite” . He said and wink at her. Sonia blushed at that and maintain her position.
“I… I write songs. I’ve written 2 of them this month”.
She replied still avoiding eye contact with him.
“Wow! That’s good . Sing the one you love most”. Sonia couldn’t help but admire his dimples as he spoke.
“Okay! It goes like this…..

🎵 One day I’ll go to the place I’ve always wanted to be🎵🎵🎵
🎵🎵🎵🎵I will soar higher and finally be myself🎵
🎵🎸I’ll be free free from all the torment🎵🎵🎵
🎵And I will be be myself🎵
🎼🎵I’ve got a dream to fulfil 🎵🎵
🎵🎵Got no time to waste
🎵🎵I will be Myself………🎵🎵🎵”.

She kept on singing until she got to the last line of the song. Ariel couldn’t help but watch in amusement. When she was done singing, she sigh when she saw him just staring at her
“I know it’s horrible. You know I…”
“It’s beautiful Sonia.. I.. gosh! Where the hell have you been all these while. You’ve got the voice of an Angel. And the lyric of that song, it’s powerful. We’ve got to work on that song. I can’t wait for the world to hear that song Sonia”. He said with all enthusiasm .
“Wow! Can you help me with that?? It has always been my dream to be a musician”. She said with her hands clapped together .

“I want you to write me the lyric of that song. It should be ready by tomorrow noon”. He instructed.
“Okay sir!”.
“Ariel”. He corrected
“Ariel! Thanks Ariel. I guess that’s a good night then”. She cooed the last part.
“Good night Sonia”. Ariel said. She nodded her head and walked out of the room. She got to her room, she closed her door and covered her mouth with her palms. She finds it unbelievable. Is she really gonna be a musician She have always wanted??
She can’t wait.


The next day

Mrs Pearson stood facing her big mirror checking herself out.
No doubt she is looking gorgeous. She always want to be her best.
Ariel suddenly barged in
” You know it’s always good to knock before entering into a woman’s room”. Mrs Pearson said with her hand at akimbo
Ariel rolled his eyes and buried one of his hand in his trouser pocket
“Mom, are you going out??”.
“As you can see Ariel. I need to meet up with the associates from US. I want to sign a deal with them”.
“Mom, I was hoping we can have a talk, but with the look of things, I’ll have to postpone it till evening. See you later mom”. He walk out of the room leaving his mom to wonder what he wanted to say”.
Ariel went to the Industry and went straight to the producer’s office
“Son, this one you are in my office un announce, hope I am safe?”. The producer joked
“Sir, I was hoping you can help some one out in music. My cook, she wants to be a singer sir. I want you to help her sir.”
“What are you saying Ariel, you know it’s kinda difficult to…”
“Sir, she’s got a…. You need to hear her voice sir. I am sure you won’t regret it. She writes songs as well.” Ariel tries convincing him.
“Okay fine! Bring her here to me tomorrow.” The producer blurted
“Thank you sir. I’ll make sure she is here tomorrow”. Ariel said enthusiastically.

Stanley picked up his car keys and walked out of the house, he was about entering the car when Anita walked in. He sighed and stood waiting for her to approach him
“Babe..”. She cooed
“Hay! What the hell are you doing here? I told you right? I told you its over between us. I am In a hurry to a meeting, so if you don’t mind, excuse me”. He tried entering his car but Anita stood on his way
“You have to listen to me Stanley, you and I knew what happened was never my fault”.
“Of course yes! It was never your fault but mine. Please Anita, I got no time for drama this morning”. He sighed and tried entering the car again but Anita was blocking his entrance.
“God know that I love you and I always will. For crying out loud Stanley, you don’t provide my needs”.
“Really? What else do you want me to do? I give you weekly allowances . I clothe you. I bought a house and a car for you. I paid all your bills Anita. What other needs are you talking about?”. He asked looking straight into her eyes.
“I am not talking about my material needs Stanley. What about my sexual needs. You kept on saying you are not interested in pre marital sex. Come on Stan, which man on his rightful senses will refuse a woman like me. I am not a wood and you know that. If you don’t have feelings, I’ve got feelings”. She blabbed

“If that’s all you’ve come all the way from your house to say, I got to hit the road now”. He pushed her out of the way and entered his car.







The middle ages also known as dark ages is a period of non civilization.  It is a period in the history  of Europe that lasted for about 350AD to 1450AD.

As at the beginning of the middle ages, the western half of the roman Empire had began to fall into weaker kingdom.  The term middle age was invented by people during rennaisance  period because the people thought  hat their own age and that of ancient greek and roman were different . No one who live in what is now called middle age ever thought of themselves as living in it.

Since the middle age covers such a large span of time, Historian divided it into three parts

  • The early middle ages
  • The high middle ages
  • The late middle ages
  1. The  Early middle ages lasted from 350AD to circca 1050AD categorise by the carolindian word and it break up. it was base on concarol art, scholarship.
  2. The high middle ages lasted from circca 1050AD to circca 1300AD. Historian use to believe that most cultural command , economic and political achievement of the middle ages occurred in this second period and that is why they are refer to as high.
  3. The late middle ages lasted from circca 1300AD to 1450AD. During this period, they had many several crises. Europeans were suffering from femine, diseases and military conflict but it also saw an advancement in the art literature.


After the fall of Rome, no single state or government united the people who lived on the European continent , Instead, the catholic church became the most powerful institution of the medieval period. Kings, queens and other alliances with and protection of the church.




In 800CE, for example, pope Leo III named the frankish king Charlemegne ( Charles the great) the Emperor of the Romans.   The church became terribly  corrupted. Ordinary people had to pay 10% of their earning each year as tithe to the church believing that all their sins will be taken away. The pope misinterpreted the bible making people believe that if they give their earning to the church then their sins will be washed away.







“Wow! A nice name you’ve got. I am Ariel. Ariel Xander Pearson”. Ariel introduced with a smile.
” you’ve got a nice voice Sonia”. He complimented. Sonia smiled but Greg spoilt the whole thing
“Yah! A nice voice but a Monster face”. He said without emotions.
” I’ll take my leave now Mr Ariel”. She walked away sadly.
“What was that for? Does she look like a monster to you?? “. Ariel questioned.
” of cause yes Ariel. I wonder why you introduced yourself to her. Now she knows who you are. She will go to the marine world and say your name, who knows, all your carrier may come crumbling down.”

“You are being paranoid for no reason Greg. That girl is harmless. She looked hurt. She is totally harmless Greg. And I am sure she isn’t happy with the way you spoke to her. What the hell is your problem???”.
” are you seriously raising your voice at me because of some strange ugly girl??? Ariel, what has come over you?? Don’t tell me you feel like having sex with her after your first encounter with her?”. Greg raised his voice as well.
“You see what Greg, I am damn tired. I need to rest now.”. He walked away obviously still angry.

Sonia went back home and walked straight to her room. She hated this house but she finds comfort in the little forest. But not any more. That other guy had made her hate herself the more. She wonder why she is so weak. And oh God! She met Xander. She recognized him at first sight. Her first thought was, what is famous Xander doing here dressed like this? But she also saw it as a privilege to get close to him So she can achieve her musical dream. But who the hell was she deceiving, she is not up to his standard. The friend of Xander made her realised how ugly she looked.She cried her eyes out.


The following day, Ariel went to that same spot he had met Sonia but she wasn’t there. He felt kinda hurt. For an unexplainable reason, he wants to see her and hear her voice again.
Matt Dante walked to his daughters’ bedroom and met them playing cards. The twins jumped on him as he walked in.
” dad, how did it go?”. Sarah asked expecting to hear the best news of the year.
“Well… I told you right? There is absolutely nothing your popa can’t do. You’ve been signed Into the music industry sweetie.” He said smiling. Sarah and Karah hugged each other happily. Her dreams were finally coming true. “I am happy for you sis”. Karah said with all smiles. Sarah had lots of mission. First, is to become popular. Second is to get Xander for herself.
Ariel walked in and met his mom seated on the couch
” where are you coming back from young man, you got me all worried”. She questioned waiting for his respond but he only passed her and walked straight to his bedroom. He wasn’t ready for his mother’s interview. He walked straight to his bedroom and plonked himself on his bed facing the ceiling. “Who the hell is that girl?”. He asked himself and sighed. He wanted to hear her voice again.

The next day, he went to the industry looking happy as usual. He seems happy whenever he is around music.
He met the producer who couldn’t withhold his smiles. He was grinning from ear to ear.
” you look good son”. The director complimented. Ariel only smiled. All of a sudden, a young beautiful lady walked up to them. She is the epitome of beauty. She was glowing with smiles.

Everyone will notice that she is extremely happy.
“This is Sarah Dante. She just joined the industry. Sarah, meet Ariel. Popularly known as Xander.”the producer introduced.
” hi Xander. Its like a dream come true to finally meet you”. Sarah said smiling. She couldn’t believe she was standing face to face with her rock star. She had prayed for this day and here it is.
“Emm… Xander, you’re gonna do a duet with her. She needs you to become popular”. The producer said.
” okay sir”. Ariel nodded. The producer patted him and walked away leaving the duo. Sarah decided to start up a conversation.

“So Xander, I must say, you look more handsome in real life compared to your photos.”.
” oh thank you. You don’t look bad yourself.”
“I just hope we get along pretty well”.
” of course yes Sarah. Excuse me, I have something important to attend to”. With that, he walked away. Sarah couldn’t stop smiling. Her dreams were finally coming true. She can’t wait to perform a duet with Xander. And most importantly, she can’t wait to have him for herself. She took out her phone from her handbag and tested Karah the update.


Sonia saw a job vacancy online. The person was in need of a cook. She trust herself when it comes to cooking, but she felt she won’t be employed due to her condition. Who will want such an ugly thing as a cook?
She sigh deeply. She decided to try her luck. She applied for the job and prayed to be employed.
The next day, she woke up and walked out of the room to begin her daily routine. When she was done, she went back to her room only to meet a message on her gmail. She was invited for the job interview.

“Will they accept me after seeing me like this?”. She asked herself with a shrug. She went to the bathroom and showered. When she was done, she put on a blue long gown that hide her pretty long legs. She packed her long hair in a pony tail and walked out of the room afterwards.

She boarded a cab that drove her to the supposed mansion. She sighed deeply and bite her lips nervously. ” you just got to try your luck Sonia. The worst that could happened is getting disqualified “. She assured herself and knocked on the huge gate. A young man opened the gate. He looked like a gate keeper. The man freaked out as he sighted Sonia.
” what the fuck! Who the hell are you? You even had the guts to touch this gate?”. The young man asked. Sonia wasn’t surprise by his reaction. She is used to such embarrassment.
“I am Sonia Dante. I am here for an interview”.

The young man bursted into laughter.
” which interview? Don’t tell me you also want to be a cook in this mansion. Who will see your face and be able to taste your meal? That’s like a suicide mission you know. I’ll advice you to get yourself out of here this very minute to avoid my wrath young monster”.
“I am not a monster. Its only a scar sir. You have no right not to let me in. I was invited for this interview”.

The young man wanted to say something else, but he shrugged it off and allowed her in. Sonia Walked in holding her bag tighter to her body. She saw a young man standing outside. ” are you here for the interview? “. The man asked her. Sonia made a sigh of relief. She thought another drama was gonna unfold between she and the man. She nodded her head positively.

” follow me then?”. She trailed behind him as he walked to the back of the house. She saw about 5 different applicants. The man asked her to stay with the girls. He walked away afterwards. All the girls were glaring at her. Sonia did everything to hide her nervousness. They stood for what seems like eternity before a man walked out of the house. He was clad in suit.

“Sorry for keeping you all waiting. I am Samuel Olamide. I handle every affairs of this house. As you all know, only one of you will be chosen. My boss gets to taste your food himself. Just pray he likes it because its hard to satisfy his taste. So, I’ll lead you all to the kitchen where you get to prepare white rice and stew. All the ingredients are ready and you have just an hour to get the meal ready.” He ushered the applicants to the kitchen and proffered aprons to everyone of them.. He was glaring at Sonia yet he hasn’t said anything to her. He left the kitchen afterwards leaving the applicants and a young man whom they assumed is a guard. Without wasting time, the applicants set to work.


A young handsome man in his late twenties walked out of his car. He adjusted his tie and buried his hands in his trouser pockets. He walked close to a door and rang the door bell but no one answered it. He dialed someone’s number but no one picked the call. He open the door and walked in only to see a man’s suit jacket on the couch.
“What the hell is happening here?”. He asked himself and proceeded to the bedroom. Without knocking, he barged in and behold, he met the shock of his life.

His fiancee was having sex with his best friend. The two disengaged from each other
” Stanley,. Babe..” The girl called. She wasn’t expecting him. She thought he is still out of the country.
“Anita, Fred, how could you?”.
Stan called with horror written all over his face.
He walked out of the house feeling very hurt. He loved Anita and hoped to spend the rest of his life with her. Fred, was his best friend.
Why the hell did they have to betray him like this??
He drove out of the compound.



Mr Samuel rang a small bell and all the applicants stopped what they were doing.
He asked everyone of them to dish out the food on a plate which they did. He then left the kitchen to call his boss.
Shortly after, a young man walked to the kitchen with Mr Samuel wearing a straight face. He walked closer to the applicants . all the applicants kept their face down , they were scared of looking at him in the face. He began tasting the meals one after the other. It was then remaining just two more person which are Sonia and a lady standing very close to her.

The young man tasted the lady’s food and seems satisfied with the food.
” Mr Samuel, no need tasting the last lady’s meal. I am satisfied with this meal”. He took more spoonful of rice smiling . the lady was more than excited . Sonia felt disappointed, a tear escaped from her eyes. She wasn’t even given a chance to prove herself. She raised her head to look at the supposed boss and it was……
“Xander?”. She called in whisper. Ariel stared at her trying to figure out where he had seen her face before.
” Boss, I think its best you taste her meal, don’t just leave her disappointed “. Mr Samuel advised.

Ariel kept his eyes fixed on Sonia. He still couldn’t recall where he had seen her. He moved closer to her and took a spoonful of rice. He tasted it and was more than surprise.
” Mr Sam, the rest can leave now. Compensate them with 50 thousand naira each. The burnt face girl is hired “. Sonia couldn’t believe her ears. She giggled to herself
The girl standing close to her shot her a deadly stare. Sonia still couldn’t believe that she was hired. The rest of the girls left leaving her alone with mr Sam.
” congratulations…Sonia right?”.
He asked to be sure. Sonia nodded excitedly.
“Follow me then.” Mr Sam ordered and she obeyed.
He took her to a woman in her late forties
“This is madam Dora, she is the former cook. She will be traveling out that’s why we are employing you. She will tell you everything you need to know about this job. Excuse me”.
Mr Sam walked away. Madam Dora smiled at Sonia
“You are very lucky my dear. Congratulations!”
“Thanks ma”. Sonia replied with her face down.
Madam Dora enlighten her on everything she needs to know. Like… When to cook and when not to cook. The food time table and the rest. Her job was to cook and not to serve. There are maids around to serve. “And you gonna have to be sleeping here to avoid cooking late. Master and his mother eats before 8am, once it’s past 8, they don’t touch breakfast . You have to take note of all these my dear to avoid getting into trouble. Though master is very kind and generous but his mother is the exact opposite so you should try by every means to please her. You will be staying in my room which is now my former room. A uniform will be given to you by Mr Sam.
Once again, congratulations my dear☺️”.
The woman beam with all smiles. Sonia knew there will be no other trouble greater than the one she was facing at home. She saw this job as an opportunity to leave far away from her family.
That day, after the whole lecture she received from madam Dora and Mr Sam, she decided to go get her things from her father’s house.
On getting home, she overheard Sarah and kara having a discussion about Handed
“I can’t wait to have him for myself. Kara , you need to see him. He is handsome, he smells nice. I wonder why he is so perfect.’ Sara said and giggled.
“But you know behind these smiles, there is pain in his heart. I know he is in a relationship with Diana
But I doubt he loves her. I think he still loves his ex , but I am gonna make him forget her for good”. Sara said with a smirk and sipped from her juice.






Archaeology Is the story of human past  through the artifacts left behind by man








Matthew Dante sat facing the doctor. He kept on sighing and sighing
” sir, I’ll advice you fly her out of the country for sugary. Her face is going to remain that way if nothing is done.”

“I’ll see to it. Just make sure you discharge her today”.
He stood up and walked out of the office. Sonia was discharged that day, immediately she got home, she went to the kitchen to prepare dinner since they were all hungry. When she was done cooking, she went to her bedroom.

She picked up her little mirror and stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her face was covered with bandage that will be taken off in just few days time. Her uncle had refused to fly her out for surgery. She wonder how he could be so cruel. No doubt she will be very ugly once she lose the bandage. She cried her eyes out that night. She went to bed on an empty stomach.

She went to school the next day and she was made a laughing stock. Her friends didn’t talk to her. Even most of her teachers tried all they could to avoid her.

Few weeks later

Sonia carried her ugly face to school everyday. Now there is no bandage but gosh! She is damn ugly. Sarah and Karah embarrass her almost everyday in school. They humiliate her.
On her 12 years birthday, no body wished her.

What the hell was she expecting, its not like anyone cared about her feelings. She lie on her mat and stared at her parents wedding picture all day. She felt hurt. That night, she tried to sleep but it wasn’t forth coming. Her eyes were widely opened. She stared at her door that made a sound.

All of a sudden, her uncle barged in. Sonia was surprise to see him. Its very late and…..
The man walked up to her wearing a cunning smile
Something is not right
“Happy birthday princess. I almost forgot today is your birthday. I am here with your gift princess”. He said walking closer to her. Sonia stood up from the mat. She was kinda scared seeing him this way in her room. ” what do you want uncle?”.

She questioned moving back but he kept on moving closer to her. She moved back until she was unable to move further because her back was already touching the wall. Matt leaned closer to her and kissed her head.
“Despite your ugly face, I know you are beautiful down there”. He whispered and that sent a cold shiver down her spine.

” get … Get away from me”. She stuttered. She was damn scared. Matt laughed and grabbed her to himself. She screamed for help thinking that her aunt or cousins will come but surprisingly, non of them showed up. Mat tore her nighties and have his way with her

The next morning

Sonia lie on her mat not minding the fact that its morning. She couldn’t believe that she lost her virginity on her birthday. She couldn’t stop crying and crying. She was going through severe pains. All of a sudden, her aunt barged in with fury. She met Sonia sobbing

“What the hell do you think you are doing? You didn’t wash the plates, clean the house, you didn’t even prepare breakfast. Do you want me to give you the beating of your life?”.
Sonia felt she should report her uncle to her aunt.
” Uncle… Uncle raped me”.
“Oh! Is that why you are like this? Because of common rape?”.
Sonia couldn’t believe her ears.

So she is aware he raped her and she didn’t do anything about it. What a family
” look young lady, you better get your dirty ugly self out of that mat and go get things done or else… You know what I can do”. With that, she walked out of the room. Sonia knew her aunt was good at keeping threats. She stood up and tried walking out of the room. She felt pains but she had to walk.

Little did she know that that’s just the beginning of her plight. Matt made it a habit of raping her. At times, he rape her in her room, in his room and in the kitchen.

2 years later

At the age of fourteen, Sonia was already pregnant for her uncle. But she couldn’t keep it because her aunt aborted the pregnancy for her. She almost lost her life at the process. She was already getting use to her uncle’s sexual urge. Funny enough, all of her cousins were aware of their father’s deed but non of them showed concern. She also receive constant beatings from her aunt. She walk around with bruises but that didn’t affect her academics. She made sure she study hard and made As in all her subject.


Few years later

Sonia walked in holding her jamb result. She made it but she knew there will be no school for her. She actually worked hard to register for jamb despite her uncle’s refusal. The twins were already in the university. Judson studies at England. Sonia has been at home for years now without sitting for jamb. She hard to hustle to register herself for jamb. The twins were already in 100level in the university. She went to the balcony and saw her uncle sipping from a glass of wine. She walked closer to him holding her result in her hand.

“Good evening sir”. She greeted trying not to sound nervous. ” what is it this time?”. Matt asked gazing at the space.
“Sir..I… I came to show you my …. My jamb result”. She stuttered. Matt turned to her and stared at her. ” get that thing from here this minutes unless you want to see me in your room tonight”. he thundered .A tear drop down from Sonia’s eyes. She wiped the tears with the back of her hand. She walked to her bedroom and plonked herself on her mat.

She was already used to sleeping on the mat. She picked up her song book and began writing down a song. She is good at pouring her heart out in form of music. Music gives her joy and no matter how sad she is, she finds herself smiling when singing.

Few days later

Sarah dropped the remote she was using as a mike and Karah jammed her hands together for her. “That was awesome sis. You killed it”. Karah complimented beaming with smile.
” I know Karah. No one, I mean no one can ever compete with me when it comes to music. I am going to be very popular Karah. Just watch and see, I’ll make sure I get in touch with Xander . once I get in touch with him, everything is gonna be perfect”. She smiled at her own words.

“And…..”. Karah stressed ” and what? Oh yes! And I am gonna make sure I become his wife”. She smiled and sat on the huge bed with her legs crossed.

A young handsome boy was seen busy with his piano in his bedroom. He kept on touching some keys softly. His eyes were closed as he enjoy the melody of the tone. He was wearing a cute smile and his cute one sided dimple was very visible. His lips looked soft and pinkish.

His prominent firm nose is what a person will die for. He is the true definition of handsome. He looked happy, but behind this happy face is a sad memory. But he is good at Keeping his pains to himself.

He suddenly felt a hand wrapped around his shoulders and a soft kiss was planted on his ear. He stopped playing and opened his eyes. “Diana?” He called
“Yes love. Its me Diana”. The Diana girl replied and kiss his neck.
” I missed you love. I missed you so much”. She said under her breath and dragged him up from his seat. She pulled him closer to the bed and pushed him making sure he landed on the huge bed.

She kissed almost every part of him. She took her hands to his belt and tried to unbuckle it but he gabbed her hand
“Stop this Diana. We shouldn’t be doing this”. He pushed her off his body and stood up from the bed. ” What is the matter Ariel? I thought things are fine between us??”. She asked him with her hands folded under her breasts.

“Diana, everything is fine between us. But I’ve told you before right, I… I don’t want us to continue like this. You know I don’t love you”. He picked up a glass of wine from a stool and gulped down the whole content.
” I know you don’t love me. but…. We can still continue what we’ve started. I am not asking for your love Ariel. I am only asking you to give me the chance of being a part of your life. You can keep a girlfriend, I don’t care. Just don’t end things between us I beg of you”. She said pleadingly. Ariel sighed and walked out of the room.

Diana couldn’t believe he just refused her touch. That’s unlike him. Was her beauty fading away?
She bit her nails thinking of what to do. She can’t just loose Ariel. She is not ready to lose him. Everyone will laugh at her. She had made the whole world believe that she and Ariel were in a serious relationship. She is a singer, a famous one at that. Ariel is also a popular musician. Everyone wanted to have him for themselves. But during their last trip to Japan, they had taken some picture and uploaded it with the caption that she has finally accepted to be his girlfriend after his countless proposals.

Ariel was mad at her but they later sought things out. She can’t become a laughing stock. Not just yet.
She angrily walked out of the bedroom.
“So, what are you gonna do about Diana? You know they are dating right?”. Karah asked but Sarah rolled her big eyes ” that one no concern me. When I arrive, I’ll get her out of the way. Xander is mine and mine alone. Not Diana or anyone else can take him away from me.” She smiled and picked up her phone to call someone.

Sonia kept on smiling at Diana’s picture in her android phone. She had worked hard to buy the phone. “How I wish I can see you in person. You are so pretty. And your voice is so angelic.”
She kissed the phone and smiled. She loves Diana because she sees Diana as a role model
She wants to be like Diana some day. But how is that possible with this her ugly face. Who will want to befriend a girl like her. Absolutely no one.
She blinked back the tears that threatened to fall.

Ariel was on phone with his manager
With the look in his eyes, it was crystal clear that he is angry. His best friend walked up to him. Ariel hung up the call and smiled at his friend.
“What’s up with the smile? Just a couple of seconds ago, you were angry and now you are smiling”.
” Greg, haven’t you realised how funny your face looked? You look like an old escaped monkey. And I just can’t help but laugh anytime I sight you”. Ariel blurted and buried his hands in his trouser pocket.
“So, If I look like monkey, wetin you come resemble? Oh! For your mind, you think say you fine?”. He asked in pidgin
” if I dey like you eh, I go just commit suicide. Seriously, you need a face surgery”. Ariel mocked laughing.
“No wahala na , Shay me wey I ugly, I get serious bae but you wey fine never even know if you go get”. He said and pat angry looking Ariel
” e touch you? Eyaah! Sorry”. He added and laughed at him.
“Enough of the silly jokes, why the hell are you here?”.
He asked with all seriousness.
” are you seriously asking me that? Jehova! What has Diana done to you this time? I called you this morning and informed you of my arrival. I told you we were gonna go for hunting right???”. He said while Ariel slapped his head.
“I am sorry, it skipped my mind”. He apologized and rushed to his bedroom to get changed. Greg signed and sat on the couch.

Few hours later

The duo walked around the bush looking for an animal to kill. Greg was holding a funny looking gun while Ariel was holding a machete. ” I think we should just go home. All the animals may have probably ran away because they suspected our arrival “. Ariel said looking exhausted.

He just wants to get home and get himself under the shower. ” come on Ariel, its gonna be a waste of time if we go back empty handed. Let’s just keep on searching.” Greg assured him.
“Okay! What if someone recognises me?”. Ariel asked .
” with the kinda clothes we are putting on now, no one will recognise you. I mean, who will ever believe that the Famous Xander will go for hunting dressed in a mad man’s costume?”. Greg said and Ariel stared at what he was wearing. He was looking like a mad man. He wanted to protest when he suddenly heard someone singing.
“Greg, do you hear that?”. He asked Greg. Greg nodded positively.
” that’s a lady’s voice Greg. The way she sings, I just….. Let’s find her”.
“No way, what do you think you are doing? We are in the middle of the jungle. What if…. What if she is an evil spirit that lure people with her voice. I won’t stand here and watch you….”
“She sounds harmless Greg. You called this place a jungle, a jungle where I’ve not seen an animal since I arrived? Come on man, let’s find that girl.”.
He walked past Greg trying to find where the voice was coming from. He g had no choice but to follow him.

Ariel suddenly halt as he sighted the person singing. He has never heard such a beautiful voice before. Is she real? He asked himself. She was backing him . Greg suddenly arrived and stood close to Ariel. Ariel kept on smiling and smiling. ” that’s what we are talking about” he said enthusiastically.

The singing girl heard him and suddenly stopped singing. She turned to face him but Greg gasped as she turned her face to them. Even Ariel was shocked. She is….. damn ugly. Ariel and Greg has never come across such an ugly girl with a beautiful voice before.
” I told you before right, she is an evil spirit. She came from hell, that’s why her face is… Let’s just run away Ariel. This isn’t the way I planned my death”. Greg pleaded. He wanted to get away from the strange ugly girl.
The girl was quiet watching the two guys
“Who are you young lady?”. Ariel asked raising a quizzical brow.
” I am Sonia. Sonia Dante”.







Episode 2

Later in the day
Sonia came back from school looking exhausted. She quickly took her bath and changed into a jean trouser and beautiful polo. She walked to the dinning room and met her lunch on the table. She smiled, bless the food and began devouring the meal .

she knew her parents will be back before 8pm. After eating, Ella packed the plates to the kitchen. Sonia walked to her bedroom and brought out her assignments. She concentrated in doing the assignment. Being the intelligent she is, it didn’t take her much stress to do the assignments. Afterwards, she went to the living room to watch her favourite TV show .

she kept on checking the time.
Ella was already preparing dinner, well… She would have loved to assist Ella but her mom had warn her to stay clear off the kitchen for now.


Sonia kept looking out the window. She was worried sick. Ella walked up to her “I think its best you go have dinner. Its almost your bedtime”. ” I’ll wait for mom and dad.”. She muttered not looking at Ella.
“They might be stalk in traffic. I am sure they won’t be happy if they come back and see you haven’t eaten dinner”. Ella said but Sonia kept mute. She kept on looking out through the window. She was waiting for her parents to drive in.
What the hell is keeping them?
Ella tried to touch her but she pulled away.

Ella sighed and walked away leaving her alone
Sonia stood at that same spot looking out through the window. Her beautiful polo was soaked with her tears. She was holding a cell phone, she kept placing the phone on her left ear but it kept on saying ” switched off”. What exactly is happening??

Ella suddenly walked up to her. Who knows? Maybe something came up at the office that is delaying them”. Ella tried to console her with her words but she herself was not even sure of her own words. “Why the hell is their phones switched off? What the hell is happening???”. Sonia asked breaking down already. She was sure something is wrong somewhere. Ella embraced her, she was getting scared herself because the Dantes never stay out late.

The next morning

Sonia woke up and saw a man staring at her. Her vision was blur at first but it became clear all of a sudden ” dad?” She called and embraced him. She didn’t even realised that she had slept on the couch last night. She suddenly pulled away from him when she felt something different about him “dad? What happened? Where is mom?” She couldn’t help but ask.

“Oh poor thing….” The man she had called her dad said with a sigh. That was when she realised that it wasn’t her dad but her uncle Matt.
“Your parents are dead Sonia”. He blurted without emotion. Sonia stared at him, she wasn’t sure of what she heard. She may have misheard him right?
All her life, she has always hated this man
Why the hell did he come to lie to her about her parents being dead?
Is he okay?
Those were the questions running through her mind.

Matt tried to touch her face but she pushed his hands away. She stood up and ran to her parents bedroom with the hope that she will see them together playing romance as usual
But what was she thinking?
The room was just the way it was yesterday

2 weeks later

Its been two weeks since the death of Oyiza and Mark. They were already laid to rest. According to an eye witness, their car got ablazed and the two couple burnt beyond recognition.
Sonia has not been herself ever since. Her uncle and his family had move to the mansion which Sonia finds suspicious.
She was in her bedroom soaking her pillows with her tears when her uncle walked in without knocking. ” your late father’s lawyer is here to read his will”. He muttered and walked out of the room. Sonia still couldn’t believe that her parents were gone.

She just hope someone will wake her up from this nightmare . she stood up from her bed and walked to the living room. She saw her father’s lawyer discussing with uncle Matt. Her uncle’s wife and children were there as well. She sat on a couch and buried her face in her palms.

“Okay, it seems the whole family is here now. I’ll proceed with the reading then”. He said and adjusted his glasses ” I know I have kept this secret for some time now. But I want you to know that I’ll be passing on very soon because I was diagnosed with cancer and I have little or no time to live on earth.

I hereby live everything in the hands of my twin brother, including my wife and daughter.

My Twin brother Matthew Dante will be in charge of all my assets,.. and…”
Sonia couldn’t believe her ears. Her father couldn’t have possibly written that. How can he not leave anything for her?
He had cancer?
Oh God! What’s all this??
When the lawyer was done with the reading, Matt was wearing a very big smile. He handshake the lawyer before leaving. She stood up from the couch and walked to her bedroom. The will wasn’t really bothering her since she was too young to understand what was going on.

At that moment, the only thing she craved for was her parents. She wants to see them and get to hold them again. But it seems that’s not possible because they’ve been laid to rest.
Back at the living room, Matt and his wife were busy celebrating. Everything was finally his. He felt he is already enjoying the fruit of his labour. Just a week after the will was read, you could see how they were now swimming in money. Sarah and Karah got the best princess decorated room.

Judson was given a car at his young age. No one cared to know if Sonia exists.
Sonia was always starving herself to sleep, but no one cared to see to it that she eats. Ella at times tries to speak with her but Sonia was too stubborn to listen to Ella.
On a Sunday afternoon, the Dantes came back from the church, they actually went to church without Sonia.

Sarah called Sonia from her bedroom and told her to go prepare white rice and stew for lunch “what…what happened to Ella? “Sonia questioned raising a quizzical brow.
Matt walked in from nowhere and said ” I fired her yesterday. Her services in this house is no longer needed as long as we have you here
“But….”. She tried to talk but Sarah interrupted her
” oh come on, stop complaining and get your fucking ass to the kitchen”.

Sonia walked to the kitchen, she didn’t know where to start from. She would have loved to check google but uncle Matt has collected her cell phone from her. She remembered she has once seen Ella preparing stew and white rice but she don’t even know the quantity of ingredients to a particular soup.
She then made up her mind to prepare it the way she felt its prepared

Few hours later

The Dantes surrounded the dining table waiting for lunch. Judson was damn hungry so as the twins.
Sonia suddenly walked out from the kitchen, she looked like someone that had been stressed out. She placed the food on the table and quickly went back to the kitchen. She didn’t have a taste of the food because she know how horrible it is.
After blessing the meal, the Dantes set out to devour it.

Judson took a spoonful of rice but couldn’t help but spill it out.
“What.. What the hell is this?”.
Everyone tasted the food and gave the same reaction. Mrs Dante called Sonia from the kitchen and Sonia came running, she already knew why she was called
” what sort of poison is this? Did you have the plans of killing us?”. Mrs Dante questioned
“I am sorry Aunt, I don’t know how to cook”. Sonia said on her her knees.
Mrs Dante was not surprise that Sonia can’t cook. She is just 11 and her parents pampered her a lot
” well.. My dear, I don’t give a damn if you can’t cook. You better go and learn how to cook because if you can’t cook for us then you will have to stop schooling “. She thundered .
The Dantes left the dining room, but before leaving, Matt instructed Sonia to make sure she eat the food if she still want to go to school.

A month later


Its been a month since Sonia stayed with this cruel woman, her aunt had brought her here a month ago to learn how to cook. The woman has been doing her job quite well but Sonia had live in hell staying with her. She is what Sonia refers to as Jezebel. She is just too cruel.

Sonia arranged her things in her bag and waited for her aunt. The woman whom she refers to as ma’am Lara walked up to her wearing a smirk
” Congratulations Sonia. I can proudly tell everyone now that you are a perfect cook. In just the space of one month, you’ve learn a lot. I think the kudos goes to me because that proves that I am a very good teacher. Be a good girl moron and stay out of trouble”
With that she walked back inside.
Shortly after, mrs Dante drove to the compound. The two women had a little discussion before Sonia finally went home with her Aunt. On getting home, she was given a different room. Infact, she was given the old storage room. There was no bed in the room, just a mat without even a pillow.

Sonia has never slept on the floor before, but I guess she has no choice now.
School was to resume the next day, so Sonia got her things ready. She can’t wait to resume school so she can finally breath some fresh air.

The next day, she woke up as early as 4am and set to work. She clean the whole mansion and prepared breakfast. When she was done with the chores, she took her bath and wore her school uniform. She was happy she was finally going to see her class mates. Its a new term actually and she was suppose to be going to JSS2
She was able to write her promotion exams before the whole trauma began.
She walked to the dinning room and met the Dantes having breakfast. She muttered a simple good morning to them. Judson,Sarah and Karah were dressed for school as well and they were putting on the same school uniform as Sonia.

Well.. Sonia and the twins are in the same class but Judson is in SSS 1.
“I can see you are ready for school”. Uncle Matt said wearing a faux smile
” yes sir”. Sonia replied with a smile. The three siblings stop eating and took their bags. Sonia felt they were set to leave so she followed them to the garage. They entered the car, when Sonia tried to get in the car as well, Sarah stopped her “you’ve got to trek to school my darling. You can’t possibly ride with us”. With that, the driver took off. Their school was about 20 minutes drive. How was she suppose to trek to school. She went back inside and met her Aunt. She reported Sarah to her aunt but her aunt chuckled
” yes my dear, from now hence forth, you got to be trekking to school. You can’t possibly ride with my kids. But if you complain of the distance, I can tell my husband to enroll you in a public school close by or better still, drop out of school”.
Sonia shook her head in disbelief. She blink back the tears that threatened to drop from her eyes. She had no money with her so she got no choice but to trek.

She trekked to school and by the time she got to school, her legs were already aching. There was a teacher in the class already. The young teacher was surprised to see her come to school late after the long vacation. But he however pardoned her because of the death of her parents.

Sonia was determine not to let the happenings in her house affect her academy. She paid attention in school and made sure she stayed out of trouble. She avoided all her friends including her cousins that pretended that she never exists.
After a long day in school, the bell was rang for dismissal. Sonia took her bag and trekked home. On getting home, she freshen up and went to the kitchen to start preparing dinner. When she was done, she set the table and went back to her bedroom.
She sat on the mat and gaze at the space. She was waiting for a miracle, she was Hoping her dad will wake her up from this bad dream. But its not a dream but a reality.

Later in the day

Sarah stood in her room holding a bottle that contain acid. She was fuming with anger. She is 12 but she has never gotten the attention she wanted all thanks to Sonia. People tend to notice Sonia . though they look alike, but Sonia is way more beautiful than she and her twin. She was gonna destroy that beauty today. With this acid in her hand, Sonia’s face will be ruined forever. She burst out a wicked laughter. She walked out of her room and went straight to Sonia’s bedroom.

Sonia was going through her books when Sarah suddenly barged in. Sonia stood on her feet. She wasn’t expecting to see Sarah. “Emm… Do.. Do you need anything???”. She asked Sarah.
All these while, Sarah’s hands were at her back. She opened the bottle and poured the liquid on Sonia’s face. Sonia wasn’t expecting that, she screamed as the liquid burnt her face