Letty’s Return In Fast & Furious 6 Had A Bad Explanation

Letty’s Return In Fast & Furious 6 Had A Bad Explanation

One of the early surprises for the Fast & Furious story was the death of Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez) in the fourth film. Her second, and brief, appearance in the franchise to that point saw Letty die. The death happened off-screen at first, but Dom later visits the place where she died, and the movie show’s the events based on how Dom believed they happened. The criminal chasing Letty caused her car to crash and then he proceeded to shoot her. But, it was revealed in Fast Five’s post-credits scene that this wasn’t what happened at all and that Letty was still alive.



Due to the nature of how Fast & Furious illustrated Letty’s death, there was enough space for Fast & Furious 6 to retcon the “real” events of that fateful night. Instead of the criminal shooting Letty, the movie revealed that he shot the car. This caused an explosion that sent Letty flying down a hill, and Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) found her in a hospital two days later. Since Letty had amnesia, he recruited her to join his team of criminals. Interestingly enough, a deleted scene from Furious 7 showed Gisele (Gal Gadot) save Letty and bring her to the hospital. It was likely cut since it adds further complications to how the team didn’t already know that she was alive. Regardless, the explanation given for Letty’s survival in Fast & Furious 6 is rather weak. The priority was clearly getting Rodriguez back to the franchise at any cost.


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