The middle ages also known as dark ages is a period of non civilization.  It is a period in the history  of Europe that lasted for about 350AD to 1450AD.

As at the beginning of the middle ages, the western half of the roman Empire had began to fall into weaker kingdom.  The term middle age was invented by people during rennaisance  period because the people thought  hat their own age and that of ancient greek and roman were different . No one who live in what is now called middle age ever thought of themselves as living in it.

Since the middle age covers such a large span of time, Historian divided it into three parts

  • The early middle ages
  • The high middle ages
  • The late middle ages
  1. The  Early middle ages lasted from 350AD to circca 1050AD categorise by the carolindian word and it break up. it was base on concarol art, scholarship.
  2. The high middle ages lasted from circca 1050AD to circca 1300AD. Historian use to believe that most cultural command , economic and political achievement of the middle ages occurred in this second period and that is why they are refer to as high.
  3. The late middle ages lasted from circca 1300AD to 1450AD. During this period, they had many several crises. Europeans were suffering from femine, diseases and military conflict but it also saw an advancement in the art literature.


After the fall of Rome, no single state or government united the people who lived on the European continent , Instead, the catholic church became the most powerful institution of the medieval period. Kings, queens and other alliances with and protection of the church.




In 800CE, for example, pope Leo III named the frankish king Charlemegne ( Charles the great) the Emperor of the Romans.   The church became terribly  corrupted. Ordinary people had to pay 10% of their earning each year as tithe to the church believing that all their sins will be taken away. The pope misinterpreted the bible making people believe that if they give their earning to the church then their sins will be washed away.


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