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Nigeria Is Not Your Problem

Nigeria has it’s own problem, but Nigeria is not your problem.
There is no denying the fact that you have so many things working against you already. Distractions here an there.
You still have to create it, even if there is no physical inspiration. You need to work on your mind so you don’t succumb to the madness of the crowd.

You can be in this country and still not be part of it. The real country is what you create out of it. The real country is your subconsciousness

If you are broke, it’s your fault. You can actually use being broke to attain your breakthrough, and you can also use being broke to shut yourself down. Your choice.

You need to start thinking of how to take positions and carve a niche for yourself. I still find it amusing to imagine you can’t fathom what to offer just a fraction of over 200 million Nigerians , both home and abroad .

You must learn to become a solution provider to have any chance of ending your financial struggles. There are so many money spinning skills out there you can tap into.

There are so many problems out there waiting for solutions. All you need is to take positions by finding solutions to people’s problems.
What problem(s) are you finding solutions for?
Does anyone know of your existence as a solution provider?
These questions need answers.

You are Nigeria’s number one problem if you can’t help solve any of her problems.
If you don’t change your life , you can’t change your life.

Once again, Nigeria is not your problem, rather, you are one of the numerous problems of Nigeria.

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