“SO… You mean the ugly looking girl in my house is your cursed cousin sister? If she is cursed? Then what the hell is she doing in my house?”. Mrs Pearson couldn’t help but boil with anger after Sarah told her about Sonia
“With the look of things, I think Ariel likes her. He even took her to see the producer the other day. Its better you act fast before… Before he introduces her to you as his girlfriend”.
“That is Not possible Sarah. I cant sit and watch my only child be tight down by that ugly looking monster. I like you already and I’ll be very happy if you two end up together”.

Sarah couldn’t help but smile to that. She has finally succeeded in getting a strong hold of MrS Pearson’s heart. She can’t wait to have Ariel to herself.
Diana kept pacing up and down in her bedroom with her phone placed to her ear. She suddenly groaned and smashed the phone to the wall. She whine and buried her head in her pillow
“Why the hell is he not picking my calls? What the hell is happening?” She picked up the pieces of the phone and stormed out of the room.
Sonia soft fingers played the piano while Ariel stood watching her play
When she was done, he jammed his hands together for her
“Wow! Bravo! It seems I am a good teacher after all”. He chuckled quickly
“You are a good teacher in deed”.
“And hope you know my reward for that”. He said and winked at her making her blush
“I don’t think I know your reward for taking me piano lesson”. She muttered
Ariel pulled her up from where she was sitting and pulled her close to himself
“Don’t act dumb with me”. He jibed and planted his lips with hers.
Sonia wasn’t taken by surprise so she reciprocated. All of a sudden, the door opened with full force
Mrs Pearson stood by the door watching in awe
“Ariel?”. He called
“Mom, I.. I can.. explain”. He stuttered
“Explain what?”. She said with a scoff
“So, you’ve been sleeping with this thing? And you there, I thought you said you are a cook, or does your duty include satisfying my Son’s sexual urge?”.
Sonia ran out of the room leaving the duo
“Mom, whatever you saw isn’t her fault. I.. I am the one at fault here. Look mom, Sonia is a good girl and I’ve gotten to like her. I’ve fallen for her mom”.
“Can you hear yourself? You’ve fallen for who?what has come over you Ariel? You jilted Diana and now you are going after that disgusting looking thing? If you must know, I won’t stay alive and watch you commit another mistake. Hope you haven’t forgotten your past with someone like her?”. Mrs Pearson said trying to put some senses into his head
“Mom, Sonia is not like Ruby. Ruby chose to leave because of her…”
“Oh shut up! How do you know she is not like Ruby? You once loved Ruby and she broke your heart. Now you want that ugly girl to destroy your heart completely? I won’t stand and watch you give her the chance to do that”.
She blurted and walked out of the room

Sonia buried her face in her pillow, she has been crying since the encounter she had with the Pearsons. The door suddenly opened, without looking, she already know who it is
“Please just go away.”
Ariel sat on the edge of the bed and rested his head on her back
“You know I love you right? You know my mom’s word has no effect on me right?”. He pecked her hair and stroke the hair
“You know, after Ruby left, I’ve never felt this way towards anyone else. And I hope you feel the same way about me”.
Sonia sat up and he wiped her tears away with his thumb
“_I love you too Ariel. But you know if your mom……”.
“Shhhh… Let’s forget about my mom”. He said placing his finger on her lips.
“So, you look messed up, how about I help you with your shower?”. He said with a wink . Sonia blushed to that. She nodded her head shyly
“Nope! I want to hear it from your mouth. At least, try to be romantic a little. Now tell me, should I help you with your bath?”. He asked and tickled her
“Hay stop that. Of course you can help me out with my bath.” She said shyly
“Thats my babe. Now let me help you out with your clothes”.


“Mom please! If you keep on pressing on this issue, then I’ll have to leave this house for you. You know I’ve got mansions right? I can just go live in one of them?”. He jibed and grab a glass of wine and gulped down the whole content
“What I am saying is for your own good Ariel. How are you gonna present that girl out to the press?”. She yelled
“You know what, if you are concern about her face then you’ve got nothing to worry about. I already have plans Of flying her out of the country for Surgery”.
“Ariel…”. She cooed
“I’m off okay. I need to go see Greg”. With that, he walked away.

Few weeks later
“So… how long are you gonna stay there?”. Sonia asked with worries written all over her face
“Well… Let’s just say, two weeks time. If I don’t attend to this, I might lose alot big time. My PA is not doing what’s best for my company so ive got to be there myself. I will be back before you know it?”. He assured her
“So, you are leaving first thing tomorrow morning? Can’t you just leave the day after tomorrow?”. She requested
“Come one bae, stop acting like as if I am going to stay in Paris for ever. I’ll be back before you know it. And you’ll spend the night here in my room with me”.
“Sure! But please, take very good care of yourself when you get there. And don’t you dare look at those white ladies over there”. She poured
“You look cute when you are jealous”. he cooed and kissed her hair
“My jealous bae. Gosh! I am so famished. Can you please get me something to eat?”.
Sonia walked out of the room

Fast forward
Sonia stood in the kitchen singing and preparing lunch, its been two days since Ariel left. She couldn’t wait for him to be back. She missed him and wishes to see him.
All of a sudden, a maid ran in panting heavily
“This one you are panting like this, it seems you’ve seen a ghost”. Sonia joked but the maid didn’t find it funny
“Sonia, it seems you’ve not heard”. The maid said and sighed
“I overheard madam on the phone talking to someone”.
“What? Don’t you know its bad to eavesdrop on other people’s conversation?”. Sonia said gesturing with her hand
“Well…. I just came to tell you that your lover boy is in a critical condition right now as we speak. He was involve in a motor accident. As we speak, he is in one big hospital in paris”.
Sonia found it unbelievable
“What’s the source of this your information?”. She asked. Her eyes were already getting wet
“Didn’t I just tell you that I overheard madam talking to someone on phone? Well… Madam will be leaving for Paris today.”
The maid said with a shrug and walked out of the kitchen. Sonia slumped on the floor and weep .

A month later
Mrs Pearson walked in the living room with her hands wrapped around Ariel’s waist. Ariel kept looking around. Mrs Pearson helped him sat on the couch.
“Welcome back home son. I know you’ve missed this place. Get yourself comfortable while I prepare you your favorite myself”.
Ariel smiled at her while she walked to her bedroom to freshen up. Afterwards, she went to the kitchen to prepare his favorite (Irish potato fritata)
Sonia was lost in thought when she walked in
“Good afternoon ma”. Sonia greeted her
“You’ll be leaving this house sooner than I thought. Mr Sam will prepare your sack letter. You should know that your days in this house is numbered. Now get out of this kitchen, I want to prepare something for my son”.
Sonia walked out of the kitchen. She went to the living room and smiled as she saw Ariel in the living room watching a TV program. She ran to him and hugged him tightly
“I was scared Ariel. Thanks to God you are okay”. Ariel was wearing a shock expression. He pushed her off his body and stood up from the couch
“Who… Who the hell are you? And why the hell were you hugging me?”.
He asked looking lost
“A.. Ariel, you don’t remember me? Its me Sonia”. She said not understanding the whole thing either
“I don’t think I remember you. Excuse me”. He said with a shrug and walked to his bedroom. Sonia was shocked beyond words. She couldn’t comprehend what was happening at that moment.

The next day
Greg was having a serious discussion with Ariel.
“You later told me of how much you love her and all that. I must admit that I didn’t like her in the beginning, but…… But I later liked her”.
“What the hell are you saying Greg, how can I possibly fall in love with someone like that? You know I stick around with girls in my class”. Ariel blurted
“You shouldn’t conclude yet Ariel. The doctor already said you lost 2 years of your memory. Why not recover first before you take a decision you’ll regret later. Besides, the girl in question is pregnant with your child”.

“You don’t mean it, so I slept with her? What kind of jazz did she use on me? How can I even….”.
“Ariel, don’t take a drastic decision. Just give your self time to recover. I’ll better take my leave now, I have a meeting with the producer. Just take care and don’t act stupid”. He sighed and walked out of the room.

Later in the day
Mrs Pearson introduced Sarah to Ariel as his girlfriend
“My girlfriend? How come? I thought Sonia was my girlfriend?”. He asked astonished
“Huh! Yeah, Sarah here is your girlfriend. You were actually cheating on her with Sonia. After you ended things with Diana, you sticked your ass every where with Sarah. But you suddenly started cheating on her with that monster looking girl. Now she is pregnant with your child. I had to beg Sarah on your behalf. She promised to come back to you if you promise never to hurt her again”. Mrs Pearson said acting like a drama queen.
Sarah was quiet while Ariel didn’t know what to believe.
“Well… I know my mom, she has never lied to me before. I am sorry Sarah if I ever hurt your feelings and I want you to know that I am sorry if I can’t remember the times we spent together. I hope to get my memories back soon so I can make it up to you for all the times I hurt you.”. He pulled her into a warm embrace. Sarah couldn’t believe that her dreams were finally coming true. She has always prayed for this day and here it is.




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