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Erica has vowed that Laycon will kill himself or she will kill him

Big Brother Naija housemate, Erica has vowed that Laycon will kill himself for lying about her.

Erica who was drunk after the Saturday night party said the singer will kill himself.

She said the only thing saving him is Biggie, because she will kill him outside the house.

“I will beat Laycon if I was not on two strikes. I don’t care if I am disqualified. Laycon is a foolish boy, he looks like a nonstick.

“Laycon will kill himself for using me to lie. Outside this house I will kill Laycon.

“How will I be attracted to such ugly boy. Laycon is ugly he is not attractive, if people see that he is using his smartness for bad then he is ugly from the inside out.”

While Erica lashed out at Laycon, Kiddwaya and Trickytee tried to calm her down.

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However, effort to calm her down proved abortive as she claimed she has bottled up her emotions for one week.

Recall that Ebuka had asked Laycon to clarify his statement that Erica tried to kiss him severally.

Annoyed by the question, Erica confronted Laycon but he maintained that he will not discuss the issue.

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Bbnaija 2020 : Top Big brother naija housemates with strong fanbase.

Top Big brother naija housemates with strong fanbase.

Laycon (Icons).

He comes first. The housemates have no idea he is the only competition they need to look out for. His fan support came as a surprise though.


Nengi ( Royal Ninjas).

They are formidable, tactical like their queen and cunning but still they are true and loyal to her. She had the support even before bbnaija. She comes second.


Erica (Elites).

They are vicious in defending their queen. To them she comes first. Her contents are considered the best. They are cute and calm too.


Dorathy (Dexploras).

They are heated up just with the memory of their Queens heavy boobs. They stan the boobs. They love the boobs. One would think the boobs are their Achilles heels but no its their starting point.



Which of d categories do u fall into?


Bbnaija lockdown: Day 33: Last night’s five trending topics

Day 33: Last night’s five trending topics

Last night was a Game of Wagers and twisted Diary sessions that had us all at the edge of our seats as we wondered who was who in the Big Brother Naija House. We put together 5 trending topics from last night that make us wonder ‘What’s next?’


  21 August 2020

Last night was mado as we sank our teeth into into Diary Sessions where Housemates told each other- albeit some reservedly- what they would tell Biggie, and then went straight into a Wager exercise that made some wonder if people were telling each other underhanded messages. We kept our eye on viewer comments to bring you the 5 trending topics from the last half of yesterday. 


  1. BBNaija

BBNaija was trending for many different reasons through the evening that varied from the Diary Twist, including topics from what the Housemates said in the Diary Session to their bold words during the Wager. Here are your own words:

From an appreciation of Laycons lyrical prowess:

To Neo and Vee

On a side note, what was that Brighto said to Erica?


  1. Prince

Prince raised an eyebrow or two during his Diary Session with his Biggie, Erica. He told her that he would split her relationship with Kiddwaya if he had to choose a couple to break up in the House.

So, from the Diary Session reactions of Prince breaking and shaking tables:

To dropping bars in the  Wager:

Prince was clearly on fire tonight. 


  1. Erica

Erica had a long day. From her Diary session with Wathoni where she tried to clear the air, going straight into another session where Prince told her he would split her ‘ship if he had to choose, garnering these reactions:

To be killing it in the Wager task this evening.

To being cute with bae:

The Twitter streets had a lot to say. 


  1. Tranquillity

The man of the hour, Trikytee made waves with every round as he asked the Housemates to be quiet. ‘Tranquility!’ took a spot on the trends list and we doubt anyone will forget it anytime soon. Here is how a few of you chose to commemorate his moment.


  1. Dorathy


Dorathy had a Diary Session with Ozo as her Big Brother where she revealed her truths about her actions in the House. Here are a few one-liners from you: 


In summation, according to some, there may be no tables left to break. What’s next?