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Top 3 k-dramas and one Netflix to have on your watchlist this September

September has a busy line-up of dramas! Is your watchlist ready for the new month?


Some dramas which were planned to air in August are pushed to September (or later) due to COVID-19 concerns on the filming sets, for example, “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” that we advised last month did not start to air yet.



1- “Record of Youth”

When: From Sept. 7 on tvN and Netflix


Cast: Park BoGum, Park SoDam, Byeon WooSeok


Summary: It tells the growth record of youth who are working hard to achieve their dreams and love without losing hope.


Genre: Romantic comedy


Why watch?: It is one of the most awaited dramas of this year. The top Hallyu star Park BoGum is starring in this drama. It is also his last drama before enlistment. Park SoDam’s acting is solid and many are looking forward to her chemistry with Park BoGum. Byeon WooSeok is a rising actor with potential and complete flower boy look, he is an actor to have an eye on.


The casting is interesting and the story about models-actors and makeup artists seems interesting too. It is definitely a must-watch.


2- “The School Nurse Files”

When: From Sept. 25, Netflix Original


Cast: Jung YuMi, Nam JooHyuk


Summary: It tells the story of the school nurse Ahn EunYoung who -at the contrary of her ordinary name- has the special abilities to see “jelly”. At her new high school, she found an unusual mystery. She will solve the problem with the Chinese literature teacher Hong InPyo.


Genre: Fantasy, comedy


Why watch?: This comedy promises to be funny and intriguing. The teaser was captivating and quite … unique. The drama will probably not let us bored and give us new entertaining content. The cast is also composed of famous actors: Jung YuMi and Nam JooHyuk. It worths adding it in your watchlist.




3- “More than Friends”

When: From Sept. 18 on JTBC


Cast: Ong SeongWu, Shin YeEun, Kim DongJun


Summary: It tells the story of a man and a woman who keeps having misunderstandings. They have been in a one-sided love for 10 years for each other.


Genre: Romantic comedy


Why watch?: If you are looking for a cute romance with a young cast, that is for you. If you like the theme of “friends” having feelings for each other and love triangles, that is even more for you. This drama will probably be full of heart-fluttering scenes. Ong SeongWu, Shin YeEun, Kim DongJun already have acting experience.




4- “18 Again”

When: From Sept. 7 on JTBC


Cast: Kim HaNeul, Yoon SangHyun, and Lee DoHyun


Summary: It tells the story of a man on the verge of divorcing whose body changed to the way it was looking when he was 18 years old.


Genre: Fantasy, romance, comedy


Why watch?: There are several reasons to look forward to this drama. First, it is based on the U.S. movie “17 Again” with Zac Efron. It was a fun movie and the teasers of the drama also promise good comedy.


The cast is also interesting as it is composed of rising actors. Lee DoHyun is a lead actor and many have been curious about him after “Hotel del Luna”. The supporting cast includes the rising actors: Golden Child’s BoMin, RyeoUn, and Hwang InYeop (cast in “True Beauty”).