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When can we expect to see Kingdom season three on Netflix?

When can we expect to see Kingdom season three on Netflix?

As we’ve speculated above, Covid-19 could greatly impact the production of the third season, which means we could see the series delayed by of least a few months.


It’s becoming increasingly less likely we’ll see Kingdom return in any capacity in 2021. The earliest we could hope to expect the series to return to Netflix now is 2022.


How many episodes will season three feature?

We’ve always known that Kingdom had been pushed from eight episodes to twelve, but plans for a third season may not have been considered if it wasn’t for the overwhelming popularity.


Now that we’re in uncharted territory, we could see even more episodes of Kingdom. We’d certainly like to see more, but the cost of making Kingdom is extremely expensive. Netflix can often be strict with the number of episodes in an Original, so don’t be surprised to see the series return with another six episodes.


While we would love to see more than six episodes of Kingdom in season three, just having more of the zombie horror is more than good enough for us.


Would you like to see a third season of Kingdom? Do you have any theories you’d love to share? let us know in the comments below!


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Cast members, we’re expecting to see returning for season 3 are:

Cast members, we’re expecting to see returning for season 3 are:

Role    Actor/Actress    Where have I seen/heard them before?

Crown Prince Chang    Ju Ji-Hoon    Asure: The City of Madness | Antique | The Spy Gone North

Seo-Bi    Bae Doo-Na    Sense8 | Cloud Atlas | The Host

Young-Shin    Kim Sung-Kyu    The Outlaws | Tunnel | The Accidental Detective

Jo Beom-Pal    Jun Suk-Ho    Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon | Intruders | Lucid Dream

Moo Young’s Wife    Ahn Eun Jin    Hospital Playlist | Stranger From Hell | The Crowned Clown

We’ll ensure to catch you up on all the latest news and information for the third season of Kingdom.


When can we expect filming to begin for the third season of Kingdom?

While we would rather avoid talking about the subject, Covid-19 is the elephant in the room. The global pandemic has shut down all manner of businesses, sporting events, theatrical releases, and even the postponement of filming for Netflix Originals.


Grace and Frankie have halted production for season seven, and Russian Doll had been scheduled to begin filming for the second season at the end of March but has since been postponed.


We’re not sure when AStory would have scheduled filming for Kingdom season three, all we know is whatever plans they had in mind will be greatly impacted as they think about the safety of all those involved with the series.


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Kingdom Season 3: Renewal Status, What to Expect & Netflix Release Date

After another bloody good season of Kingdom, fans will be even more ravenous to see the Korean horror series return for a third season. We’re still waiting for Netflix to confirm that a third season is happening, but that won’t stop us speculating on what we can expect from Kingdom season three.

Kingdom is a Netflix Original South Korean horror series written by Kim Eun-hee. The series is based on the book Land of the Gods, which was also written by Kim Eun-hee. First arriving in 2019, the horror series has since become one of the most popular non-English titles available to stream on Netflix.

We’re over five months on since the release of Kingdom season two on Netflix, and we’re still yet to hear any news that the series has been renewed for season three.


Despite the lack of news, we’re still confident that the series will be renewed for a third season. Our confidence has only been bolstered more since screenwriter Kim Eun-hee and director Park in-je were interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter.


When asked about the amount of story and number she had left, Kim Eun-hee had the following to say:


Strangely enough, Kingdom is a series that gives me more energy the more I write it. The cast and crew all have great chemistry, and there’s so much more to tell. If viewers allow, I would love to see it develop even up to season 10.


The last we’ve heard from Kim Eun-hee was her discussing what role Jun Ji Hyun may have to play in season 3:


I think Jun Ji Hyun will become a central role alongside the main characters from season one and two.


Fans, and indeed ourselves, are delighted to read how enthusiastic Kim Eun-hee is about the future of Kingdom. Ten seasons is incredibly ambitious, but considering how popular the horror series has become, who’s to say it couldn’t reach double figures?


What to expect from season three of Kingdom

Below we’ll be discussing what we can expect to see from the third season of Kingdom.


Outbreak in the North

After seven years and three months since Prince Chang faked his death, we learned from Young-Shin, in a reunion with Cho Beom-Pal, that his royal highness had been investigating the resurrection plant, hunting it all over Korea. We learned that the resurrection plant had been growing in regions all over Korea, and a mysterious seller from the Chinese/Korean border had been selling it to the common folk.


Taking Prince Chang, Seobi, and his guard north, they discovered an abandoned village. Upon investigating, they soon discovered that the village had become infected. After dispatching one of the undead, the further ringing of bells amongst the trees indicated, even more, infected were on the way.


With only three trained fighters among them, from what we saw, it’s highly likely that Prince Chang may need to retreat from the north. Without the relevant number of soldiers to take down zombies, there could be another outbreak in the north.


More undead on the way…


Who is the plant seller?

Tracking the mysterious seller north, it was finally revealed the person trying to spread the plague was a woman. Her motives are unclear at this point, but as one of the peasants revealed he had purchased the resurrection plant from the border between China and Korea, so she could be working for the Ming Dynasty.


The intention could be to annihilate the population of Korea, then allow Chinese forces to conquer with ease.

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10 best Korean drama to watch on Netflix if you have watched mystic pop-up bar


A Korean Odyssey (Hwayugi)

A Korean Odyssey is a perfect match for fans of Mystic Pop-up Bar. It is a romantic supernatural tale that tells of a girl who can see ghosts due to the fact that she is a reincarnation of a super-powerful shaman named Sam-jang.


This drama’s primary feature is the slow build-up of a romance between a mischievous and powerful god, and the human woman he has been forced to protect from all the spirits and monsters around her. The only issue is that he also wants to kill her.



Hotel Del Luna

This drama is another perfect match. Picture Mystic Pop-up Bar, but instead of a bar, it’s a hotel. Hotel del Luna is about a hotel for ghosts to rest before they move on to the afterlife.


This hotel is run by a woman (played by a popular K-pop singer, IU) who cannot die and thus walks the line between humans and ghosts, to atone for killing a number of people. This woman, Man-wol, is just as stubborn and feisty as Wol-joo is, and though she deeply has a good heart, comes off as brash and rude and must let go of her own grudges to be able to move on.



Reply 1988

While this drama doesn’t focus on the supernatural, like that of Mystic Pop-up Bar, it still holds a lot of similarities to the drama. This series is all about family, friendship, and romance. This series focuses on five different families that live on the same block. All the parents are friends with each other, and each of their kids are friends with each other.


While many K-Dramas focus solely on romantic relationships, this one covers that a little bit differently. Everything about this series feels completely organic and people help each other through hard times and laugh with each other over good times.



Oh My Ghost!

Oh My Ghost is about a young woman who appears to be pretty shy and quiet. She works at a restaurant and desperately wants to become a chef. Also, she can see ghosts.


After making it obvious that she sees the ghost of another young woman who is running out of time, the ghost possesses her body and tries to hit on the young chef’s boss, making way for some pretty complicated feelings amongst the now three parties involved in the romance.



Itaewon Class

While Itaewon Class also isn’t a supernatural K-Drama, it does highlight the pursuit of trying to run a successful restaurant. In Mystic Pop-up Bar, the characters often comment on how they aren’t getting any new customers and how they have to go outside to try and market the bar.


Itaewon Class is similar in this regard. After opening it up, the restaurant suffers from getting nearly no customers due to the bad marketing of the place. This series also focuses heavily on the employees of the restaurant and their lives.



Bring It On, Ghost

This drama is about a boy who can see ghosts and works as an exorcist, and a girl who doesn’t remember how she became a ghost becoming roommates.


The two ban together to fight vengeful spirits to help out those in need while attempting to uncover the mystery around why the girl has become a ghost, how she died, and who killed her. Let’s Fight Ghost is funny and romantic and has a lot of moments that are similar to that of Mystic Pop-up Bar.



It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay is another Netflix Original K-Drama with a really similar vibe. The leading actress isn’t the best when it comes to people and can be extremely feisty much like Wol-joo again.


This drama also features a romance that began in the two leading characters’ past and deals with one of the two in the main couple not knowing that the other is someone whom they once shared a deeper relationship or moment with much like in Mystic Pop-up Bar. There is also a supernatural element to this story that is slowly revealed.



The Bride Of Habaek

This supernatural K-Drama follows the story of the water god, Habaek, as he travels to Earth in order to complete a task that will name him king of the gods.


Habaek ends up finding the great ancestor of someone who had been punished to become a servant of the gods, and so he continuously makes her help him even though all she wants to do is to continue living her life. This drama has a lot to do with making up for past mistakes, in this case, a mistake the main character didn’t even make and whose ancestor was wrongfully accused.



Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Scarlet Heart Ryeo has a lot of the same themes as Wol-joo’s youthful life before she was punished. She was born as the daughter to a shaman and lived her life 500 years ago where she fell in love with the crown prince. Her life was made complicated because of this, much like the main character’s life in Scarlet Heart.


Hae Soo accidentally goes back in time due to an eclipse and ends up falling in love with the crown prince of the kingdom. Hae Soo goes through a number of trials and problems due to her romance and is ultimately punished. Both Wol-joo and Hae Soo have tragic stories.



Goblin: The Lonely And Great God

Goblin is probably the highest-rated K-Drama there is. This supernatural drama is a story about a man who is wrongfully punished, once again like Wol-joo, to become immortal so that he is forced to watch everyone he loves die around him time and time again.


He becomes what is considered a Goblin and spends his life helping people as best he can with his powers and being generally a kind man. Only one person can stop his immortal life, and that is the Goblin’s bride.