Theories On How Han Is Alive In Fast & Furious

Theories On How Han Is Alive In Fast & Furious


As long as F9 doesn’t take the easy way out and reveals that Han managed to sneak out of his car before it exploded, the movie will have its work cut out for it to explain the sudden return. This isn’t a case where Han secretly has a twin brother – although that would oddly fit with the Jakob/Dom reveal in F9 – as the marketing has confirmed that Han is back. So, if huge retcons like these ideas are off the table, how else could Han’s return be explained?


One of the more popular theories is that F9 will build on Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw to make sense of Han’s return. The spinoff movie featured advanced technology that brought Idris Elba’s character Brixton back from the dead after he was shot in the head by Deckard. Perhaps the same company that brought Brixton back to life also has a hand in the revival of another one of Deckard’s victims. This would be an intriguing twist, but it still isn’t a perfect solution. There are even some theories that suggest Han could secretly be the mastermind behind this technology and the company (Eteon), but that would be quite the turn for the character.

The truth is that F9 will likely have a difficult time finding a smart narrative explanation for Han’s return. But, most viewers might not even care or expect that much. The Fast & Furious franchise has continued to lean further into spectacle over story, so as long Han is involved a few big action scenes, many will just be happy to see Han back no matter what explanation is given.


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