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There Is No African Artist Greater Than Wizkid .Read More

A twitter User @ralsheddyking Tweeted on His Page saying : There is No African Artist Better Or Greater than Wizkid.and it has been causing some pandemonium on Twitter .

Ayodeji Ibrahim balogun popularly known as Wizkid, Is A Nigerin Singer and Song Writer .He began to Record At the Age Of 11 .


Wizkid is one of The Legend we Got In the Nigerian Music Industry ,in 2016 Wizkid archived International Recognition Due in His Collaboration with Drake On The Global Hit track ‘ One Dance’ Which numbered  in Approximately 15 Countries Including United States, Canada,United Kingdom ,And Australia.


Wizkid is the First afrobeats artist To Appear In the 2018 Guinness world Records. For His Contribution to the Nigerian Music Industry Earned Him A lot of achievement, He received The ASCAP Plaque For His Songwriting Contribution To Drakes One Dance.

Some wild fans Of Burna Boy & davido replied to The Tweet @Mbabazishamila Said : Burna Not is the Greatest Yet We Ain’t Considering Him when it Comes To Africans But World Wide .

@paparrazzi Said : Davido is Better Than Wizkid .

Let Me Stop Here For you Guys to Decide Who Wears The Crown!!!

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