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When can we expect to see Kingdom season three on Netflix?

When can we expect to see Kingdom season three on Netflix?

As we’ve speculated above, Covid-19 could greatly impact the production of the third season, which means we could see the series delayed by of least a few months.


It’s becoming increasingly less likely we’ll see Kingdom return in any capacity in 2021. The earliest we could hope to expect the series to return to Netflix now is 2022.


How many episodes will season three feature?

We’ve always known that Kingdom had been pushed from eight episodes to twelve, but plans for a third season may not have been considered if it wasn’t for the overwhelming popularity.


Now that we’re in uncharted territory, we could see even more episodes of Kingdom. We’d certainly like to see more, but the cost of making Kingdom is extremely expensive. Netflix can often be strict with the number of episodes in an Original, so don’t be surprised to see the series return with another six episodes.


While we would love to see more than six episodes of Kingdom in season three, just having more of the zombie horror is more than good enough for us.


Would you like to see a third season of Kingdom? Do you have any theories you’d love to share? let us know in the comments below!


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